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   A.R. & Machines: "71/17 Another Green Journey"  

   A Real Good Band: "Twothousandeighteen"  

   Abarax: "Blue Room"  

   Abba: "Gold 40th Anniversary"  

   Abel Ganz: "Shooting Albatross"  

   Aberrations: "The Wild Life"  

   Abigails Ghost: "d_letion"

   Above Symmetry: "Ripples"

   Abydos: "Little Boys Heavy Metal Shadow Opera"

   AC/DC: "Backtracks"

   Acelsia: "Don't Go Where I Can't Follow"  

   Acid Rain: "The Descending Line"

   Active Heed: "Visions From Realities"  

   Adrenaline 101: "Demons In The Closet"   

  Adrian, Rudy: "Sequencer Rarities"  

   Adrian, Rudy: "Par Avion - Sequencer Sketches Vol. 4"

   Adventure: Tales Of Belle Part 2 - Unveiled By Fire"  

   Adventure: "Tales Of Belle Part 1 - Across The Ocean"  

   Adversus: "Der Zeit abhanden"

   Affector: "Harmagedon"  

   Afro Celt Sound System: "Anatomic"

   After ...: "Hideout"

   Ageness: "Songs From The Liar's Lair"

   Agent Error: "Radioworld"

   Agentpunch: "Soothsayer"  

   Agents Of Mercy: "The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight"

   Agitation Free: "Shibuya Night - Live In Tokyo"

   Agitation Free: "River Of Return"

   Agitation Free: "Fragments"  

   Agora: "Empire"  

   Agudo, Gabriel: "Tales & Thunders"  

   Airbag: "The Century Of The Self"  

   Airbag: "A Day In The Studio / Unplugged In Oslo"  

   Airbourne: "No Guts. No Glory."  

   Akanoid: "Civil Demon"

   Akikaze: "Solstice"  

         Akikaze: vier remasterte Alben  

   Akikaze: "The Age Of Deception"

   Akwara, Andreas: "Erwachet"

   Akwara, Andreas: "Quantum"  

   Akwara, Andreas: "Blue Velvet"

   Akwara, Andreas: "Occult Sanctum"

   Akwara, Andreas: "Synthetic Horizon"

   Alabama 3: "Step 13"  

   Aldaria: "Land Of Light"  

   Alerick Project: "Trance Action"  

   Alerick Project: "HypNoIze"  

  Alerick Project: "Obsolete Technology"  

   Alien Nature: "Heisenberg 2"  

  Alien Nature: "Sacered Journey"  

   Alien Nature: "The Airtight Garage Of Jerry Cornelius"  

   Alien Nature: "Heisenberg 1"  

   Alien Nature: "Who Goes There?"  

   Alien Nature: "Station Platforms"  

   Alien Nature: "Massive"  

   Alien Nature: "Construction"  

   Alien Nature & Michael Brückner: "The Dark Path"  

   Alien Nature & Stan Dart: "Accelerator"  

   Alien Nature + TMA: "Hydra"

   Alien Nature + TMA: "Medusa"

   Aliens Project: "Zero Gravity"  

   Aliens Project: "Behind The Blue Room"  

   Alio Die & Parallel Worlds: "Elusive Metaphor"  

   Alio Die & Parallel Worlds: "Circo Divino"

   Alkbottle: "Lager Export"  

  Allison Band, Bernard: "In The Mix"  

   Allison Burnside Express: "Same"  

   Ally The Fiddle: "Up"  

   Alpha Academy: "The Promise Of The Light"

   Alpha Lyra & Moonsatellite: "Live In Nancy 2013"  

   Alpha Lyra: "Music For The Stars II"

    Alphamay: "The Mellow Collie"  

   Alphamay: "The Simulation Hypothesis"  

   Alphaville: "Eternally Yours"  

   Alpha Wave Movement: "The Regions Between"  

   Alpha Wave Movement: "The Mystic & The Machine"

   Alquimia & Gleisberg: "Garden Of Dreams"

   Also Eden: "It's Kind Of You To Ask"  

   Altbau: "Tritiumoxid"  

   Altbau: "Altbau"  

   Althea W.: "Crystal Silence"

   Alvarez: "The Night Sessions"

   Alwanzatar: "Kosmisk Skrekk"  

   AMAROK: "Hope"  

   Amaryllis: "Inquietum Est Cor"  

   Ambient Circle: "Live First New 2009"  

   AMbrosia: "Route Gottfried Von Bouillon"  

   AMbrosia: "1st Attempt"  

   Amon Düül II: "Almost Alive ..."

   Amon Düül II: "Only Human"

   Amon Düül II: "Vortex"

   Amos, Tori: "Gold Dust"  

   Amplifight: "Live For Imperfection"  

   Anabasis, The: "Back From Being Gone"

   Anam Cara: "Canhywallan Cyrth"

  Anathema: "Fine Days: 1999 - 2004"  

   Anathema: "Falling Deeper"

   Anathema: "We're Here Because We're Here"

   Anchor And Burden: "Kosmonautik Pilgrimage"  

   Anders Jorgenson: "Greatest Hits"  

  Anderson, Miller: "Bluesheart & Chameleon"  

   Anderson, Miller: "Bright City"  

   An Erotic End Of Times: "Chapter One"  

   Angels In The Air: "The River"  

   Angra: "Aqua" 

   Anima Mundi: "Insomnia"  

   Animotions: "Same"

   Annapurna Illusion: "Life Is An Illusion"

   Annie Mary: "I'll Keep the Memory"

   Annot Rhül: "Lost In The Woods"  

   Anvil: "Juggernaut Of Justice"

  Anyone's Daughter: "Anyone's Daughter"  

   Anyone's Daughter: "Adonis"

   Anyone's Daughter: "Piktors Verwandlungen"  

   Anyone's Daughter: "Wrong"

   Anyone's Daughter: "Trio Tour"

   Ape Amplitude: "Escape Routes"  

   Apedosmil: "My Heart Is A Drum Machine"  

  Apewards: "Humanzee"  

   Aphodyl: "Hypnotic"

   Apitius, Markus: "Busy Dreamers"  

   Apitius, Markus: "Age Of Straw"  

   Apogee: "Through The Gate"  

   Apogee: "The Blessing And The Curse"  

   Apogee: "Endurance Of The Obsolete"  

   Apogee: "Conspiracy Of Fools"  

  Apogee: "The Art Of Mind"  

   Appleseed: "Earn Heaven"  

   Arabs In Aspic: "Pictures In A Dream"  

   Arc: "Church"

   ARC: "Fracture"

   Arcana Obscura: "2000 Miles"  

   Arcana Obscura: "Tempus"  

   Arcana Obscura: "Lemuria"  

   Arcane: "Live @ E-Day 2017"  

   Arcane: "Moon"  

   Arcane: "Automaton"  

   Archangelica: "Like A Drug"  

   Archive: "Call To Arms & Angels"  

   Arctic Sunrise: "Across The Ice"  

   Are Those Your Friends: "Lambs Turn Into Lions"

   Area 51: "In The Desert"

   Arena: "The Seventh Degree Of Seperation"

   Arena: "Songs From The Lions Cage"

   Arena: "Pride"

   Arena: "The Cry" (EP)

   Arena: "Welcome To The Stage - Live"

   Arena: "The Visitor"

   Arena: "Immortal?"

   Arena: Breakfast In Biarritz - Live"

   Arena: "Contagion"

   Arena: "Contagious" (EP)

   Arena: "Contagium" (EP)

   Arena: "Live & Life"

   Arena: "Pepper's Ghost"

   Argent: "Original Album Classics"

   Argos: "A Seasonal Affair"  

   Argos: "Cruel Summetry"  

   Armada, The: "The Armada"

   Armatrading, Joan: "Starlight"  

   Arnal, Thierry: "The Occult Sources"  

   Art Of Illusion: "Cold War Of Solipsism"  

  Art Of Infinity: "Evolution (Parts 1 - 4)"  

   Art Of Infinity: "Raumwerk"  

   Art Of Infinity: "New Horizon"  

   Art Of Infinity: "Endless Future"

   Art Of Infinity: "Dimension Universe"

   Art Sebastian: "Travelling"  

   Art Sebastian feat. Silent Whisper: "Daylighted"  

   Asbeck, Günter: "Evolve"  

   Asia: "Silent Nation"

   Ashinoa: "L'Orée"  

   Ashron: "Reiki Healing Light"  

   Askara: "Lights Of Night"  

   ASP: "Eisige Wirklichkeit"  

   ASP: "Wer sonst? / Im Märchenland"

   Aspera: "Ripples"  

   Astral Travellers: "The Truth Beyond"

   At The Grove: "Infinity"  

   At The Grove: "... And All The Fear We Left Behind"  

   Atlantropa Project: "Atlantropa Project"  

   Atlantyca: "To Nowhere And Beyond"  

    Atom TM: "Atom Heart - Volume 2"

   Atom TM: "1i3835tra3um3"

   Atom TM: "Music Is Better Than Pussy"  

   Atom TM: "Muster"

   Atomic: "Coming Up From The Streets"

   Atomic Neon: Change"

   Atsuko Chiba: "Water, It Feels Like It's Growing"  

   Audio Cologne Project: "2911."  

   Audiocracy: "Revolution's Son"

   audiolaw: "There Are Millions"  

   AudioLegend: "We Are Infinity"  

   Audrey Horne: "Same"  

   Auger's Oblivion Express, Brian: "A Better Land / Second Wind"

   Auger, Brian: "Befour / Oblivion Express"

   Auspex: "Resolutio"  

   Auto-Pilot: "8-Zero"  

   Auto-Pilot: "The Atlantic Machine"  

   Australian Pink Floyd Show, The: "Eclipsed By The Moon"  

   Autumnal Blossom: "Spellbound"  

   Autumnal Blossom: "Against The Fear Of Death"  

   The Avengers: "On A Mission"  

   Avoid-A-Void: "Musique Noire"  

   Awenson: "Within"  

    Awenson: "Hope"  

   Axel Rudi Pell: "The Crest"

   Axel Rudi Pell: "Tales Of The Crown"

   Axel Rudi Pell: "Diamonds Unlocked"

   Axess: "Singularity"  

   Axess: "Imagination"  

   Axess: "Zen"  

   Axess: "Seashore"  

   Axess: "Aviator"  

   Axess: "Fusion"

   Axess: "Voices Of Dawn"

   Axess: "Time Traveller"

   Axess / Maxxess: "Impact"

   Axess / Maxxess: "Contact"

   Ayefore: "Burnout Juggernaut"  

   Ayefore: "Smoking Gum Evidence"

   Ayreon: "01011001"  

   Ayreon: "The Final Experiment"

   Ayres, Marvin: "Eccentric Deliquescence"

   Azureth: "The Promethean Syndrome"