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   B4 Sunrise: "Poison Tongue"  

   B.O.S.C.H.: "einsam"

   Baaden, Andreas: "Night Walk"   

   Baaden, Andreas: "Home"   

   Baaden, Andreas: "Turning Point"  

   Baaden, Andreas: "Brighton Serenade"  

   Baaden, Andreas: "Slow Down"   

   Baaden/Cremer: "Aufbruch"   

   Baby Kreuzberg: "Speak Of The Devil"   

   Baby Woodrose: "Baby Woodrose" 

   Baby Woodrose: "Chasing Rainbows"

   Back To The Moon: "Colors Of The Sky"   

   Back To The Moon: "3"   

   Back To The Moon: "Streetview"  

   Back To The Moon: "Dreamcatcher"  

   Backwater: "Backwater"   

   Bacon Brothers, The: "New Year's Day"

  Badass: "More Gain, More Pain"   

  Bad Company: "Live 1977 & 1979"   

  Bad Company: "Rock'n'Roll Fantasy - The Very Best Of"   

  Bad Company: "Straight Shooter"   

  Bad Company: "Bad Co"   

   Bad News Reunion: "Last Orders, Please"   

   Bad News Reunion: "Lost And Found"   

   Bad News Reunion: "Live im Logo"   

   Bad News Reunion: "Just One Night / Live"  

   Baghiri, Amir: "Time"

   Bahr, Clint: "Puzzlebox"   

   Baker Band, C.K.: "Find Your Way"  

  Baker's Cream Experience, Kofi: "Live in Bremen"   

   Baku Llama: "Eris"

   Ballo Delle Castagne: "Surpassing All Other Kings"   

   Baltes & Erbe: "s-thetic2"   

   Baltes, Steve: "Bochum Sky"   

   Baltes, Grosskopf, Heilhecker: "Four Times Three (4x3)"

   Banfi, Baffo: "The IC Years (Ma, Dolce Vita & Hearth)"   

   Bangalore Choir: "Metaphor"  

  Banks, Robin & Steve Smith: "Stealing Time"   

   Barbieri, Richard: "Stranger Inside"

  Barclay James Harvest: "Welcome To The Show"   

   Barclay James Harvest, John Lee's: "North"   

   Barclay James Harvest: "All Is Safely Gathered In"

   Bargel, Richard: "It's Crap!"   

   Barnes, Steve: "New Day"  

   Barret Elmore: "Woodlands"  

   Barrett, Syd: "An Introduction To"

  Batalion D'Amour: "Fenix"   

  BatteryDead: "Yield To Gravity"   

   BatteryDead: "Shades"   

   BatteryDead: "Sands Of Deception"  

   BatteryDead: "Deep Discharge"  

   Baumann Band, Rainer: "Fooling Around / Adoring Jimmy Reed"

   Baumbach: "Empty Chairs"

   Beardfish: "The Void"  

   Beardfish: "Mammoth"

   Beardfish: "Destined Solitaire"

   Beat Farmers, The: "Heading North 53°N 8°E"   

   Beatles, The: "1962 - 1966 / 1967 - 1970"  

   Beatnik: "Phase 7"

   Beatnik Rocks: "God Bless You, Life Sucks You, Beatnik Rocks You!"   

   Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse: "Hot Nostalgia Radio"  

   Beck, Jeff: "Original Album Classics"

   Been Obscene: "Night O'Mine"  

   Belda, Juan & Bit Band: "La Rueda Infinita De Hans"  

   Belda Bit Band, Juan: "I Love You !!!"

   Beledo: "Seriously Deep"   

   Belgium: "Live @ Nachtaktiv 2009"

   Belgium: "Grass"

   beoootic: "beoootic"  

   Berell, Sammy: "Passion Dreams"   

   Berggren Kerslake Band: "The Sun Has Gone Hazy"   

   Bergman: "Maximum Delirium Overdrive"   

   Berlin Heritage: "Land Of The Rising Sun"  

   Berlin, Jeff: "Jacksongs"   

   Bernard & Pörsti: "Gulliver"   

   Bernhard: "Down On Earth"

   Betzler & Brückner: "Triplet"   

  Betzler & Brückner: "2"   

   Beyond Berlin: "World Gone Mad"  

   beyond-o-matic: "Relations At The Borders Between"   

   Beyond The Labyrinth: "Castles In The Sand"  

   Bieles's Feld: "Horizonte"   

   Biele's Feld: "Zeitweise"   

   Biele's Feld: "Eine Begegnung"  

   Biele's Feld: "Zwei Gedanken eine Reise"

   Biele's Feld: "Schritt für Schritt"

   Big Big Train: "The Underfall Yard"  

   Bigelf: "Cheat The Gallows" 

   Big Red Fire Truck: "Trouble In Paradise"  

   Bionic: "Meadowland"  

   The Bionic Protector: "Mark II"   

   Bionic Protector, The: "Return Of The Progenitors"   

   Birth Control: "Here And Now"   

   Birth Control: "Live Abortion Plus"   

   Birth Control: "Two Eggs - Two Concerts"   

   Birth Control: "Live"

   Black Country Communion: "Afterglow"  

   Blackfield: "Welcome To My DNA"

   Blackmore's Night: "The Beginning"  

   Black Noodle Project, The: "When The Stars Align, It Wil Be Time ..."   

   Black Noodle Project, The: "Code 2.0"   

   Black Noodle Project, The: "Divided We Fall"   

   Black Noodle Project, The: "Ghosts & Memories"   

   Black Paisley: "Human Nature"   

   Black Rainbows: "Supermothafuzzalicious!!"  

   Black Space Riders: "D:REI"   

   Blank Manuskript: "A Live Document"   

   Blastromen: "Human Beyond"

   Blaue Reiter, Der: "Nuclear Sun" 

   Blind Ego: "Preaching To The Choir"   

   Blind Ego: "Liquid Live"   

   Blind Ego: "Liquid"   

   Blind Ego: "Numb"

   Blowsight: "Life & Death"   

   Blowsight: "Shed Evil"

   Blüchel, Harald: "Die Toteninsel"

   Blues Bastards: "Blues Bastards"   

  Blues Bureau: "Voodoo Boogie"   

   Blues Control: "Childhood Fantasy"   

   Blue Sky Theory: "We Are The Sky"   

   Blue Sky Theory: "Cassandra"   

   Bock, Wolfgang: "Mintaka"  

   Bock, Wolfgang: "Cycles"   

   Bock, Wolfgang: "Mettle Water"

   Boddy, Ian: "Pearl" 

   Boddy, Ian: "Slide"  

   Boddy, Hoffmann-Hoock & Wright: "Trinity"

   Boddy, Ian & Parallel Worlds: "Exit Strategy"

   Boddy, Ian & Markus Reuter: "Colour Division"   

   Boddy, Ian & Wright, David: "Shifting Sands"

   Bodenski: "Auto!"  

   Bodyguerra: "Invictus"  

   bölter.: "Therapie"   

   Bolin, Tommy: "Whirlwind"   

   Bolton, Michael: "Original Album Classics"   

   Bonafide: "Are You Listening?"  

   Bonfire: "Fireworks - Still Alive"

   Bon Jovi: "New Jersey"   

   Boogie Belgique: "Machine"   

   Boots, Ron: "Alone On Stage"  

   Boots, Ron: "Signs In The Sand"  

   Boots, Ron & MorPheuSz: "From The Forgotten Rooms Of A Lonely House"  

   Boots, Ron: "Ante Oculos"  

   Boots, Ron: "La caida de hormigón"

   Boots, Ron: "Derby!"

   Boots, Ron: "Mea Culpa"  

   Boots, Ron: "See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words"  

   Boots, Ron: "Acoustic Shadows"

   Boots, Ron & Synth.NL: "Refuge en Verre" 

   Boullt, Lindsey: "Composition"  

   Bouvetoya: "Moonquake"  

   Bouvetøya: "Machines For Collective Living"   

   Bouvetøya: "Super High Frequency"   

   Bouvetøya: "Blue Planet Talisman"   

  Bouvetoya: "Timeslip"   

   Bouvetoya: "Interstellarphonic"   

   Bouvetøya: "Subtractivate"   

   Bowie, David: "Zeit! 77-79"   

   Bowie, David: "Aladdin Sane"   

   Bowie, David: "Ziggy Stardust"  

   Bowie, David: "Station To Station (Collectors Edition)" 

   Bowie, David: "Space Oddity 40th Anniversary Edition"

   Bowmen: "Mission IV"  

   Bozzio, Terry: "Composer Series"   

   Bragg, Billy & Wilco: "Mermaid Avenue - The Complete Sessions"  

   Brainwork: "Dreamland"

   Brainwork: "Ten"  

   Brainwork: "Back To Future"

   Brainwork: "Soundclouds"

   BRDigung: "Zwischen Engeln & Teufeln"  

   Breakdown Of Sanity: "Perception"   

   Breakfast: "It's Time For Breakfast"   

   Breathe - A Tribute To Pink Floyd

   Breidablik: "Alduorka"   

   Breiling & Brückner: "Puuro Ja Silta"  

   Briand, Olivier & Loreau, Bertrand: "Interférences"   

   Bridge To Imla: "Imaginary Rooms"   

   Bridge To Imla & Volker Lankow: "Ambient Chapel - Live At Schlosskirche Rumpenheim 2018"   

   Bridge To Imla: "Lost"   

   Bridge To Imla And Friends: "One January Evening"   

   Brighteye Brison: "Believers & Deceivers"

   Broach: "My Darkest Hour"  

   Brockmann, Steve + George Andrade: "Airs - A Rock Opera"  

   Brockmann, Steve: "Expected Errors"   

   Broekhuis, Bas: "The Escher Drawings"

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "The Vlagtwedde Tapes"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Purple"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann: "Repelen Revisited"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Yellow"   

   Broekhuis, Keller, Schönwälder: "Red Live @ USA"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann: "The Repelen EP"   

  Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Green"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Direction Green"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Repelen - The Last Tango"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Eglise de Betzdorf"   

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Red"  

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Meditationen zum Gottesdienst"  

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder: "Blue"

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - "Orange"

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann: "Repeln 3"  

   Broekhuis, Keller, Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann: "Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2"

   Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann - "Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen"

   Bröselmaschine: "Live At Rockpalast"   

   Brooks, Aaron: "Homunculus"   

   Broughton Band, Edgar: "Live In Hamburg / The Fabrik Concert 1973"  

   Brown, Charles: "Storm Rising"  

  Bruce, Jack & HR Big Band: "More Jack Than Blues"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Sheep Asleep"  

   Brückner, Michael: "Threequences"  

   Brückner, Michael: "Test Of Time"   

   Brückner, Michael And Guests: "Eleventh Sun - Revisited"   

   Brückner, Michael And Guests: "100 Million Miles Under The Stars - Revisited"   

   Brückner, Michael & Cilia Di Ponte: "Twenty-Five Light Years"   

   Brückner, Michael feat. Hannah Brückner: "The Gift"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Hymns To The Dawn"   

   Brückner, Michael: "The Crossing Of Zone 3"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Recycled Life"   

   Brückner, Michael: "If I Have Not Love - The Wedding Concert""   

   Brückner, Michael: "Klaustrophilia"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Le Jardin Oublié"   

   Brückner, Michael: "POEtry"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Footprints"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Servant Of The Secret Fire"  

   Brückner, Michael: "The Undercurrent"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Astronauts Volume 2"   

   Brückner, Michael: "During A Lull And Other Tales"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Trees Of Olivandá"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Trois Briques"   

   Brückner, Michael: "All The Pieces Fit Forever"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Muzikhala"   

  Brückner, Michael: "Hikari"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Thirteen Rites Of Passage"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Endless Mind Portal"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Kings Of The Earth"   

   Brückner: Michael: "R Is For "Rocket" And S Is For "Space""   

   Brückner, Michael: "One Hundred Million Miles Under The Stars"   

   Brückner, Michael: "100 Million Miles Under The Stars"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Eleventh Sun"   

   Brückner, Michael: "Oddwind"

   Brückner, Michael: "Days In The Sun"

   Brückner, Michael: "Challenge 29"

   Brückner, Michael: "One Step Behind"  

   Bruford, Bill: "Making A Song Of Dance: A Complete-Carrer Collection"   

   Brute, The: "Brute: One"   

   Bryant, Danny: "Hurricane"   

   Buuas, Anders: "The Witches Of Finnmark"  

   Buaas, Anders: "The Edinburgh Suite"   

   Buchwald: "Escape From What Life Is"   

   Budjana, Dewa: "Naurora"   

   Budjana, Dewa: "Mahandini"   

   Budjana, Dewa: "Zantuary"   

   Buelow: "Von Pop-Poeten & Moneten"   

   Bullfrog: "Bullfrog"   

   Bullfrog: "Second Wind"  

   Bullfrog: "High In Spirits"

   BunChakeze: "Whose Dream?"

   Bunka, Roman: "Dein Kopf ist ein schlafendes Auto"   

   Burgess, Mark: "Magic Boomerang"  

   Burnt Out Wreck: "Stand And Fight"   

   Burritos, The: "Sound As Ever"

   Butterfly Garden: "... And Everybody Else"   

   Buzz Dees: "Icke"   

   Byrds, The: "All Time Best / Reclam Musik Edition"