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   C.T.P. (Christian Tolle Project): "Point Blank"   

   C.T.P.: "Now & Then"   

   C.T.P (Christian Tolle Project): "The Higher They Climb"  

   Cadenced Haven: "Peregrination"

   Caesars Rome: "The Company We Keep"  

   Callin Tommy: "One Of The Gang"   

   Callisto: "Live @ The Hampshire Jam 2009"

   Callisto: "NYX"

   Campbell Collective, The Neil: "Particle Theory"  

   Can Atilla: "Concorde"

   Canedy: "Warrior"   

  Canovas, Javi: "Hidden Path"   

   Capricorn: "For The Restless"   

   Captain Black Bear: "Before Plastic"   

   Caravale Escarlate: "III"   

   Carboneids: "Synthsyg"  

   Carel, Sylvain: "Caravansary"   

  Carlsen, Petter: "Glimt"   

   Carlsen, Petter: "Sirens"   

   Carlsen, Petter: "Clocks Don't Count"  

   Carnival Of Dreams: "My Heart So White"

   Carptree: "Man Made Machine"

   Carrack, Paul: "A Different Hat"

   Carrack, Paul: "I Know That Name"

   Cascades, The: "Phoenix"   

   Cascades, The: "Diamonds And Rust"   

     Caskavelle: "Silver Pearls Amber Hearts / Transporter"

   Cast: "Vigesimus"   

   Cast: "Power And Outcome"   

   Catronic: "Neonland"   

   Catronic: "Nuclear Angels"   

   Catronic: "Suger Cube City"   

   Catronic: "Atomic Avenue"  

   Catronic: "Remixed 2"

   Catronic: "Electronic Catwalk"

   Causa Sui: "s/t"  

   Celeb Car Crash: "People Are The Best Show"   

   Centrozoon: "Blast"  

   Centrozoon: "Lovefield"

   Centrozoon: "Never Trust The Way You Are"

   Cha Cha Guerillas, The: "Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary"

   Chandelier: "We Can Fly"  

   Chandelier: "Live At Loreley"   

  Cheap Trick: "We're All Alright!"   

   Cheap Trick: "Bang Zoom Crazy ... Hello"   

   Cheap Trick: "Original Album Classics"  

   Chemia: "The One Inside"   

   Chickencage Experience: "KamaSutra BlackBelt"   

   Chickencage Experience: "An Eggspoiltation Movie"  

   ChickPeace: "Time & Tide"   

   ChickPeace: "To The Point"  

   Chronatic Quartet: "Patchworks"   

   Chronomaster Project, The: "The Android Messiah"   

   Chronosfear: "The Astral Gartes Pt 1: A Secret Revealed"   

   Cidrón, Juan Manuel: "Yaset"  

   Cinema: "The Discovering Of Time"   

  Cinema: "Loopings"   

   Cinema: "The MagiX Box"   

   Cinnamonia: "Songs In The Trees"

   Cinnemonia: "The Scarlet Sea"

   CIRCA: :"Live From Here There & Everywhere"   

   Circle Creek: "Past Present Future"   

   Circle Of Fate: "Back To Life"  

   Circusfolk: "Making Faces"  

   Cirrus Bay: "A Step Into Elswhere"

   Clan Of Xymox: "In Love We Trust"

   Clapton, Eric: "Forever Man"   

   Clash, The: "Hits Back"   

   Cleveland, Barry: "Hologramatron"

   Cloakwheel: "This Crooked Path You've Drawn"  

   Clouds Can: "Leave"   

   Clowns + Helden: "Live"

   Coarbegh: "The Sound And Flow Of London Town"   

   Coarbegh: "The Colour Of Happiness"   

   Cochise: "Rolltreppe Rückwärts"

   Cochran, Eddie: "Nervous Breakdown" 

   Cockney Rebel featuring Steve Harley: "Cavaliers: An Anthology 1973-1974"  

   Code Indigo: "Take The Money And Run"   

   Code Indigo: "MELTdown"   

   Code Indigo: "Chill"

   Cold Snap: "World War 3"   

   Cold Snap: "Perfection"

   Colisseum: "Adventus"   

   Collapse Under The Empire: "Recurring"  

   Collier, Adrian: "Lost In Fractal Forest"   

   Collins, Albert & The Icebreakers: "Live At Rockpalast - Dortmund 1980"   

     Collins, Phil: "... But Seriously" und "The Essential Going Back"   

     Collins, Phil: "No Jacket Required" und "Testify"   

     Collins, Phil: "Hello, I Must Be Going" und "Dance Into The Light"   

     Collins, Phil: "Face Value" und "Both Sides"   

   Colour Haze: "She Said"  

   Colour Haze: "All"

   Colour Haze: "Tempel"

   Colour Of Time: "Ancient Future"  

   Computerchemist: "New Formulas For Electric Guitar"  

   Computerchemist: "Green Twilight"  

   Computerchemist: "Mysterious Cave Of Eternal Theta"  

   Computerchemist: "The Fort"   

   Computerchemist: "Where The Clouds Touch The Sky"   

   Computerchemist: "Parallel Thought Experiment"   

   Computerchemist feat. Radioray: "Underneath The Soul"   

   Computerchemist feat. Radioray: "Masks"   

   Computerchemist: "That Which Prevails"   

   Computerchemist: "Volcan Dreams"   

   Conscience: "Your Frequency"  

   Conti, Alex: "Retrospective 1974 - 2010"

   Conti, Alex: "Shetar"  

   Contrarian: "Minor Complexities"  

   Copernicus: "Deeper"   

   Copernicus: "Victim Of The Sky"  

   Copernicus: "Cipher And Decipher"

   Copperfield, T. G. :"Steppenwolf"  

   Coral Cave: "The 4th (Live)"   

  Cora Lee: "Bad Boys I Love You"   

   Corcoran, Dianna: "Keep Breathing"

   Corr, Andrea: "Lifelines"

   Cosmic Ground: "Melt"  

   Cosmic Ground: "Entropy"   

   Cosmic Ground: "0110"   

   Cosmic Ground: "5"   

   Cosmic Ground: "IV"   

   Cosmic Ground: "Live"   

  Cosmic Ground: "III"   

  Cosmic Ground: "2"   

   Cosmic Ground: "Cosmic Ground"   

   Cosmic Hoffmann: "Astral Journey" 

   Cosmic Hoffmann: "Hypernova"

   Cosmic Hoffmann: "Space Gems"

   Cosmic Hoffmann: "Electric Trick"

   Cosmics: "The Cosmic Year"

   Cosmic Tribe: "The Ultimate Truth About Love, Passion And Obsession"

   Cosmo, Cris: "Mund zu Mund"  

   Counter-World Experience: "Pulsar"   

   Counter-World Experience: "Music For Kings"  

   Coyne, Kevin: "Burning Head & Tough And Sweet"  

  Coyne, Robert with Jaki Liebezeit: "Golden Arc"   

   Crabe: "Visite Du Temple Inné"  

   Crayon Phase: "Two Hundred Pages"   

   Create: "We Live By The Machines"

   Create: "In The Blink Of An Eye"

   Create: "Lost On An Island Of Adventure"  

   Create: "Space Time Continuum"

   Create: "Kindred Spirits"

   Create: "Biospherical Imagery"

   Create: "From Earth To Mars"

   Create: "Reflections From The Inner Light"

   Creedence Clearwater Revival: "At The Royal Albert Hall"   

   Cremer, Uwe & Thomas Ryndell: "Time Trilogy"   

   Cremer, Uwe, Thomas Rydell: "Sirius Singularity"  

   Crippled Black Phoenix: "White Light Generator"   

   Cromdale: "Lost Souls"  

   Cromwell: "Black Chapter Red"   

   Cross, Christopher: "A Night In Paris"   

   Crossfade: "White On Blue"

   Crowded House: "The Very Very Best Of"

   Crown Of Glory: "Ad Infinitum"   

   Crown For Glory: "King For A Day"   

   Curt Cress Clan: "CCC"

   Cryptex: "Madeleine Effect"   

   Cryptex: "Good Morning, How Did You Live?"  

   Crystal Breed: "Barriers"   

   Crystal Breed: "The Place Unknown"

   Crystal Palace: "Still There"   

   Crystal Palace: "Scattered Shards"   

   Crystal Palace: "Dawn Of Eternity"   

   Crystal Palace: "The System Of Events"   

   Crystal Palace: "Reset"

   Cunning Mantrap: "HAZMAT"   

   Curfew Meets Isgaard: "The Trip"

   Custodian, The: "Necessary Wasted Time"   

   Cygnotic: "Cygns"   

   Cygnotic Realm: "Through The Gates Of Nocturnal Sleep"

   Cygnotic Realm: "Reflections"  

   Cyril: "Amenti's Coin - Secret Place Pt. II"   

   Cyril: "The Way Through"   

   Cyril: "Paralyzed"   

   Cyril: "Gone Through Years"