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   Daedric: "Mortal"  

   Danger In Dream: "Iconic"   

   Dankbar.Club: "Vol. 2 Sky" "White Vol. 1"   

   Dankert, Joerg: "Strange New Worlds"  

   Dankert, Joerg: "Messages"   

   Dankert, Joerg: "Between The Meantime"   

   Dante: "When We Were Beautiful"   

    Dante: "The Inner Circle"

  Dark Sarah: "The Puzzle"   

   Dark Unspoken, The: "Beyond Your Control"   

   DarWin: "DarWin 3: Unplugged"   

   DarWin: "DarWin 2: A Frozen War"   

   Darwin's Radio: "Template For A Generation"

   Darwin's Radio: "Eyes Of The World"

   Darxtar: "We Came Too Late"

   Das Dritte Ohr: "Pur"

   DASK: "Time And Burden"  

   DASK: "Born From The Stars"  

   DASK: "Sol"   

   DASK: "Messages"   

  DASK: "Electron Utopia"   

   Datadyr: "Woolgathering"   

   Dawn: "Loneliness"  

   Dawnation: "... Well For The Past"   

   Dawnation: "The Mad Behind"   

  Daymoon: "Cruz Quebrada"   

   Days Between Stations: "Same"

   Days We Are Even: "Himalaya"   

   de Angelis, Marco: "Next Station"   

   De Angelis, Marco: "The River"   

   [de:ad:cibel]: "Globalized"   

   Deadmans Danceband: "Same"  

   Deadsoul Tribe: "A Lullaby For The Devil"

   Deafcon5: "Exit To Insight"  

   Deafening Opera: "Driftwood"   

   Deafening Opera: "Let Silence Fall"   

   Deafening Opera: "Blueprint"   

   Death Of Giants: "Ventesorg"   

   Deaton Lemay Preject: "The Fifth Element"   

   DeeExpus: "King Of Number 33"  

   Deep Imagination: "The Children Of The Moon"   

   Deep Imagination: "My Silent Celebration"   

   Deep Imagination: "In My Memory"   

   Deep Imagination: "Temple In Nowhere"   

   Deep Imagination: "Wings To Fly"   

   Deep Imagination: "Carefully Kept Secrets" - Album   

   Deep Imagination: "Carefully Kept Secrets"   

   Deep Imagination: "Dancing With Ghosts"   

   Deep Imagination: "Live At Electronic Circus Festival"

   Deep Imagination: "Awareness"  

   Deep Imagination: "Surroundings"

   Deep Imagination: "Gemstones"  

   Deep Imagination: "Scapes"

   Deep Purple: "Infinite"   

  Deep Purple: "In Concert '72 (2012 Mix)"   

   Deep Purple: "Made In Japan"   

   Deep Purple: "The BBC Sessions 1968 - 1970"

   Deep Purple: "Rapture Of The Deep"

   Defuse: "Bangkok Addiction"

   Delago: "Salzwelten"

   Delano, Franklin: "Like A Smoking Gun In Front Of Me"  

   Delilahs: "Greetings From Gardentown"  

   Dementi: "Wer bettelt, wird nicht gefüttert"

  Demon's Eye: "Under The Neon"   

  Derelict Thoughts: "Autumn Moon"   

   Der Harms: "Kosmische Kiffermusik Vol 1"   

   DerHarms: "Neun schöne Lieder"   

   Der Klinke: "The Second Sun"  

   Descendants Of Cain: "Conversations With Mirrors"   

   Descendants Of Cain: "Songs From A Vanishing World"

   Desert Wizards: "Ravens"   

   Destinova: "Pieces"   

   Destroyer: "Labyrinthitis"   

   dEUS: "How To Replace It"   

   de Ville, Willy: "Live At The Metropol Berlin"  

   deVille, Willy: "Unplugged in Berlin"

   DevilsBridge: "Sense Of"   

   DevilsBridge: "Endless Restless"   

   DeWolff: "Orchards/Lupine"

   DeWolff: "Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants"

   Dez Dare: "Perseus War"   

   Dezperadoz: "Dead Man's Hand"  

   Dharmawan, Dwiki: "Hari Ketiga"   

   Dhyanam: "Deep Embrace"  

   Diagonal: "Same"

   Dianoya: "Lidocaine"   

   Dice: "Chronicles Of The Last Self Thinkers"  

   Dice: "Versus Without Versus End"  

   Die Grüne Welle: "Wirf dein Leben weg!"   

   Die Happy: "Everlove"   

   Die Happy: "1000th Show Live"  

   Die Kombinaten: "Lautwort"   

   Dignity: "Balance Of Power"   

   Dinsdale, Steve: "On The Other Side"  

   DIO: "The Very Beast Of Vol. 2"  

   Distance Project: "The Long Way Home"   

   Distance Project: "Runner's High"   

   Distance Project: "Trial Running Distance"   

   District 97: "Trouble With Machines"  

   Dithmar: "Zodiac Zeit"

   Dithyrambs: "Free To Be Filthy"   

   Diva, John & The Rockets Of Love: "The Big Easy"   

   Dive: "NOcEbo"

   Divided By Two: "The Legend"   

   Divine Matrix: "Atmospheric Variations"   

   Djam Karet: "Sonic Celluloid"   

   Djerv: "Djerv"

   DNA Group: "performs Red Hot Chili Peppers"  

   Dobbeltgjenger: "The Twins"   

   DOE: "Dust Of Everyday"

   Do I Smell Cupcakes?: "Springs"  

   Doktor Ksiezyc: "Miasto"

   Dolly Rocker Movement, The: "Our Days Mind The Tyme"   

   Dom F. Scab: "Crosswords"

   Dominici: "03 A Trilogy - Part 3"  

   Donnegan, Lonnie Meets Leinemann: "Collectors Premium"   

   Donner: "Hesitant Light"   

   Dope Stars Inc.: "21st Century Slave"

   Doll Circus: "Eat This!"   

   Dorian Opera: "No Secrets"

   Dorittke, Frank: "Niko"   

   Dorricott, Mark & Stan Dart: "Events"   

   Dorricott, Mark & Stan Dart: "Seaside"   

   Dorricott, Mark & Stan Dart: "Midnight"   

   Download: "Eleven Stages"   

   Downquark: "Urknall"   

   Dr. Motte Meets Gabriel Le Mar: "Same"

   Dragontears: "Turn On Tune In Fuck Off!!" 

   Dragontears: "Tambourine Freak Machine"  

   Draven: "Mirror"

   Dream Aria: "In The Wake"  

   Dreamcontrol: "Zeitgeber"   

   Dreamlike Horror: "Delightful Suicide"

   Dreammage: "Roads"   

   Dreammage: "Lyrical Charms"  

   Dreamscape: "Everlight"  

  Dreamtalker (ehem. Dreamwalker): "Unofficial Harmonized Chill-Out Tapes"

   Driver: "Countdown"  

   Driving Mrs. Satan: "Popscotch"   

   DTES: "Lost And Gone Forever"

  Duffy, Grainne: "Live"   

   Dupont: "Entering The Ice Age" 

   Duran Duran: "Big Thing"

   Duran Duran: "Notorious"

   Duran Duran: "Seven And The Ragged Tiger"  

   Duran Duran: "Duran Duran"  

   Dynamic Syndicate: "Higher State Of Consciousness"   

   Dynamic Syndicate: "Noises"