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   Faber: "Monumentum"   

  Faber: "Earthbeats"   

   Faber: "Dark Sun"   

   Faber: "Ways"   

   Faber: "Pictures"   

   Faber: "Sounddiver"   

   Faber: "Universal Flow"  

   Faber: "Spaceseed"  

   Faber: "Spacefish"

   Fairytale: "Anywhere From Here"

   Faithful Breath: "Rock Lions / Hard Breath"  

   Faithless: "The Dance"

   Family * Five: "Hunde wollt ihr ewig leben?"  

   Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Graf-Ulbrich: "Analog Overdose 6"   

   Fanger & Schönwälder: "Analog Overdose - The Pool Concert"   

  Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Graf-Ulbrich: "Analog Overdose 5"   

   Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Cosmic Hoffmann: "Earshot"   

   Fanger & Schönwälder: "Stromschlag"

   Fanger & Schönwälder: "Analog Overdose 4+"

   Fanger & Schönwälder: "Analog Overdose 4"

   Fanger & Schönwälder: "Analog Overdose 0.9"

   Fanger & Schönwälder: "Analog Overdose 3"

   Fanger, Thomas: "Parlez vous electronique?"

         Fantastischen Vier, Die: "Die 4. Dimension / Lauschgift / 4:99 / Viel"

   Fantasyy Factory: "Dreams Never Sleep!"

   FAQ: "Whitechapel"

   Farfarello: "Glück!"

   Farflung: "Like Drones In Honey"   

   Farina Lifeline Project, Georgio: "Train To Heaven"

   Farlowe, Chris: "Glory Bound"   

   Farlowe, Chris: "As Time Goes By"   

   Farn, Pete: "Cryptids"   

   Farn, Pete: "Schwebewald - Biospheres Vol. 1"   

   Farn, Pete: "Ringmodulator"  

   Fatboy: "Songs Our Mothers Taught Us"   

   Father Murphy: "Six Musicians Getting Unknown"

   FB1964: "Seven Deadly Sins"  

   FB1964: "Ventus Metallum"  

   FB1964: "Malleus Maleficarum"   

   FB 1964: "German Steel"   

   FB 1964: "Dreams & Nightmares"   

   FB 1964: "Irish Steel"   

   FB 1964: "Störtebeker"   

   FB 1964: "The Fearless Vampire Killers"   

   F.D. Project: "Stars Landscape And Collision"  

   F.D. Project: "Distance"   

   F.D. Project: "Color Of Life"   

   F.D. Project: "The Other Side Of ... And More ..."   

   F.D. Project: "Lunaris"   

    F.D. Project: "Roots"   

   F.D. Project: "Timeless II"   

   F.D. Project: "Moments Of Life"   

   F.D. Project: "The Other Side Of ... Quadea"  

   F.D. Project: "Water And Earth"

   F.D. Project: "The Other Side Of ... - Nocturna"

   F.D. Project: "Time To Remember"

   F.D. Project: "Today & Yesterday"

   F.D. Project: "Heavensgate"

   F.D. Project: "The Journey To Another Place"

   F.D. Project: "Timeless"

   F.D. Project: "Mountainway" 

   F.D. Project: "Blue Visions"

   F.D. Project: "Electronic Dreams"

   Feathers And Greed: "Feathers And Greed"   

   FEE: "Schizofeenie"   

   FEE: "Rezeptfrei"   

   FEE: "Notaufnahme"

   Feed Forward: "Upstream"  

   Feed Forward: "Barfoot & Naked"

   Fendrich, Rainhard: "Besser wird's nicht + live"   

   Feuerseele: "Erntezeit"  

   Fever Ray: "Radical Romantics"   

   Fields Of The Nephilim: "Mourning Sun"

   Fiesel, Christian: "Sphere"   

   Fiesel, Christian: "Follow Me South"   

   Fiesel, Christian & Jack Hertz: "The Lighthouse"   

  Fiesel, Christian: "Hagen's Delight"   

   Fiesel, Christian And Alien Nature: "Geistertanz"   

   Fifty Foot Combo: "Ghent - BXL"

   Fight The Fade: "Apophysitis"   

   Figure Of Speechless: "Tunnel At The End Of The Light"   

   Filter: "The Algorithm"  

   Filter-Kaffee: "106"  

   Filter-Kaffee: "105"   

   Filter-Kaffee: "101"   

   Filter-Kaffee: "104"   

   Filter-Kaffee: "100"   

   Filter-Kaffee: "102"   

  Fingerhut, Nadine: "Hallo Leben"   

   Finlay, Morgan: "Fault Lines"   

   First Aid 4 Souls: "Brutpop"  

   First Band From Outer Space: "We're Only In It For The Spacerock"

   Fish: "The Last Straw - Live In Glasgow 2018"   

   Fish: "A Parley With Angels"   

   Fish: "Return To Childhood"

   Fish: "Bouillabaisse"

   Fishmoon: "Two Moon Music"  

   Fish On Friday: "Godspeed"   

   Fish On Friday: "Airborne"  

   Fish On Friday: "Shoot The Moon"

   Fitzcarraldo: "Fitz"  

   Fitzcarraldo: "Oldenburg EP"  

   Fitzcarraldo: "Lass sein was ist"

   Fivel, Frode: "All You See"   

   Fixx, The: "Beautiful Friction"  

   Flaming Bess: "Wrinkle Of Time"   

   Flaming Bess: "Der Gefallene Stern"   

   Flaming Bess: "Wächter des Lichts"   

   Flaming Bess: "Finstere Sonne / Black Sun"

   Flaming Bess: "Fata Morgana"

   Flaming Row: "The Pure Shine"   

   Flaming Row: "Mirage - A Portrayal Of Figures"   

   Flaming Row: "Elonoire"

   Flash: "Flash feat. Ray Bennet & Colin Carter"   

   Fleetwood Mac: "Before The Beginning"   

  Fleetwood Mac: "Mirage"   

  Fleetwood Mac: "Tusk - 35th Anniversary-Edition"   

   Fletcher, Kirk: "Burning Blues"   

   Flint Glass: "Nyarlathotep & From Beyond EP"  

   Flow.Experience: "Don't Say ... The Collection"

   Flower Kings, The: "Banks Of Eden"  

   The Flower Kings: "The Sum Of No Evil"

   The Flower Kings: "Road Back Home"

   Flowers, Kornelius: "Pesona Non Grata"   

   Flying Circus: "Live im Roten Krokodil"  

   Flying Circus: "Seasons 25"   

   Flying Circus: "Same"   

   Flying Circus: "1968"   

   Flying Colors: "Second Nature"   

   Flying Eyes, The: "Done So Wrong"

   Flying Eyes, The: "Same"  

   FM: "Rockville"   

      Fogerty, John: "Blue Moon Swamp" und "Preminition"   

    Fondermann: "Quiddje"   

   Food For Fantasy: "Cool Vibes"   

   Food For Fantasy: "Fresh Food"

   Food For Fantasy: "Fruits Of Fantasy"

   Food For Fantasy: "The Secret Of Dreamin'"

   Force Of Progress: "R3Design"   

   Force Of Progress: "A Secret Place"   

   Force Of Progress: "Calculated Risk"   

  Ford, Robben / Thal, Ron / Personne, Paul: "Lost In Paris Blues Band"   

   Foreigner: "Live At The Rainbow '78"   

   Foreigner: "With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus"   

   Foreigner: "Acoustique"

   Foreigner: "Can't Slow Down"  

   Forleo, Max: "Dreams & Decadence"   

   Forsberg, Fredrik: "Nur ein Spiel"   

   Forsberg, Fredrik: "Neues aus dem Wolkenkuckucksheim"   

   Fortunato: "From High Above"   

   Fox, Robert: "Asfafa 2"   

   Fox, Robert: "The Fire And The Rose - remastered"  

   Fox, Robert: "Evergreen"  

   Fox, Robert: "Adonai"

   Fox, Robert: "Maya"

   Frames: "Mosaik"  

   Frampton Band, Peter: "All Blues"   

   Frank, Herman: "Right In The Guts"  

   Frankie Goes To Hollywood: "Welcome To The Pleasuredome"   

   Frank Popp Ensemble: "Shifting"   

   Franz K.: "Heute"   

   Franz K.: "... so einfach ..."   

   Franz K.: "Trotzdem hart"   

   Franz K.: "Gewalt ist Schitt"  

   Franz K.: "Unsterblich"  

   Franz K.: "Rock in Deutsch"

   Franz K.: "Bock auf Rock - Live"

      Franz K. / Zoff: "Wir haben Bock auf Rock / Gimme Gummi"

   Franz K.: "Purer Stoff"

   Fratoroler: "Landscapes"   

   Fratoroler: "Different"   

   Fratoroler: "Augen-Blicke"   

   Fratoroler: "What!"   

  Fratoroler: "Nano"   

   Fratoroler: "Chez Ricco"   

   Frau Holle: "Ascending Souls"   

   FREDLÖS: "Fredlös"   

   Free System Projekt: "Britsh Aisles Volume 1"   

   Frequency Drift: "Letters To Maro"   

   Frequency Drift: "Last"   

   Frequency Drift: "Over"   

   Frequency Drift: "... Laid To Rest"  

   Frequency Drift: "Ghosts ..."

   Frequency Drift: "Personal Effects (Part Two)"  

   Frequency Drift: "Personal Effects Part 1"

   Friendship: "Alchemist Of Your Destiny"   

   Fringo Chills: "... In Far Lands"  

   Fringo Chills: "... In The Nature"   

   Fritsch, Eloy: "Journey To The Future"   

   Fröberg, Hasse & Musical Companion: "Powerplay"  

   Froese, Jerome: "Neptunes"

   Frogg Café: "Bateless Edge"

   From Monument To Masses: "Schools Of Thought Contend"

   From.UZ: "Quartus Artifactus"

   Frøislie, Lars Fredrik: "Fire Fortellinger"   

   Frost*: "Experiments In Mass Appeal"  

   =fudge=: "Dust To Come"   

   Fughu: "Human Part I + II"   

   Fullforce: "One"

   Fungus: "The Face Of Evil"   

   Furiosa Curiosa: "Momentum"

   Furyu: "Cio' Che L'Anima Non Dice"

   Future Trail: "Breaking New Ground"

   Fuzz Beloved: "Fuzz Beloved"

   FX3: "Spacemusic"