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   Gabriel, Peter/Various Artists: "And I'll Scratch Back"   

   Gäbhard: "Liquid Sound Journey"   

  Gäbhard: "Breath Of Fading Moments"   

   Gäbhard: "Jalan Jalan"  

   Galahad: "Empires Never Last"

   Galahad: "Following Ghosts"

   Galaxy Space Man: "... But Heaven Is Clear"   

   Gallagher, Rory: "The Best Of"   

   Gandalf: "Eartheana"   

  Gandalf: "Frame By Frame"   

   Gandalf: "The Stones Of Wisdom" - remastered   

   Gandalf: "Dreamweaver"   

   Gandalf: "From Source To Sea"   

   Gandalf: "Symphonic Landscapes"   

   Gandalf: "Gallery Of Dreams - plus live!"  

   Gandalf: "Erdenklang & Sternentanz"

   Gandalf: "Gates Of Secret Realities"

   Gandalf: "Live In Vienna" CD + DVD

   Gandalf: "Echoes From Ancient Dreams"

   Gandalf: "Barakaya" 

   Gandalf: "Lotus Land"

   Gandalf's Project: "Same"  

   Gate: "The Brain Years - Live & Red Light Sister"  

   Gates Of Dawn: "Sepia"   

   The Gathering: "How To Measure A Planet?"  

   The Gathering: "Nighttime Birds"  

   Gaute Storvse Band: "Bebé K'awiil"  

   Gazpacho: "March Of Ghosts"  

   Gazpacho: "London"

   Gazpacho: "Missa Atropos"

   Gazpacho: "A Night At Loreley"  

   Gazpacho: "Tick Tock" 

   Geigertek: "Soundtrack For City Living"

   Geigertek: "The Timeless Mind"

   Geigertek: "The Garden"  

   Geike, Dieter: "Indigo"   

   General Lee Band: "Freebird's Calling"   

   Genesis For Two Grand Pianos: "Vol. 2"

   Genetic Disorder: "Sinusrhythmus"   

   Genrich, Ax: "Axymoron"  

   Gentle Giant: "Memories Of Old Days"   

   Gerchambeau, Frederic & Bertrand Loreau: "Catvaratempo"   

   Die gestiefelten Zwerge: "Zallelujah!"

   Ghosttown Company: "Vagabond Kings"   

   Ginger: "Seahorse"

   Giltrap, Gordon & Oliver Wakeman: "Ravens & Lullabies"   

   Ginger: "From The Road"

   Ginger: "Going Through Arlanda"

  Gingerpig: "Ghost On The Highway"   

   Gingko Garden: "Wrapped In Mystery"  

   Ginkgo Garden: "Back In Time"

   Ginkgo Garden: "Faith, Hope & Love"

   Giöbia: "Introducing Night Sound"   

   Girls On Film: "Mental Image"

   Girlz In Trouble: "Same"

   Glass Hammer: "Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted"

   Glass Hammer: "Culture Of Ascent"

   Gleisberg: "Floating In Your Soul"   

   Gleisberg: "Symphonic Arts"  

   Gleisberg, Rüdiger: "Fragile Fairytales"

   Gleisberg & Bernd Scholl: "Culture & Spirit"   

   Glenn Main: "Ripples"  

   Glenn Main: "Arctic Treasures"

   Glenn: "Message"

   Glenn: "Electronic Secret"

   Glistening Leotard: "Alter Ego"   

   Glistening Leotard: "Six Butterflies Moving An Elephant In A Theatre"   

   Global Scum: "Odium"   

   Glönkler, Thomas: "Tiefenland"  

   Glönkler, Thomas: "Goldstadt"  

   Glühmann, Marco: "A Fragile Present"  

   Glyder: "Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow"

   GMBH: "GMBH"   

   Go By Brooks: "Another Flame"   

   Godsticks: "Same" EP

   Godzilla In The Kitchen: "Same"   

         Göttsching, Manuel: "Die Mulde, Concert For Murnau, E2-E4 Live"

   Goldsmith: "Fire!"   

  Goldsmith: "Shut Up & Rock"   

   Gong: "2032"

   Gonoreas: "The Mask Of Shame"   

   Goodluck, Matt: "Inner Cosmos"  

   Good Morning Boy: "S/T" und "Song=Epitaph: Outtakes"  

   Gorczyca, Andrew: "Reflections An Act Of Glass"

   Gordon, David & Steve: "Earth Drum - The 25th Anniversary Collection"

   Goto, Mira: "Before"  

  Gov't Mule: "Revolution Come ... Revolution Go"   

     Gov't Mule: "Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol. 1 & 2" und "Dub Side Of The Mule"   

  Gov't Mule: "Dark Side Of The Mule"   

   GPS: "Window To The Soul"

   GR & Full-Blown Expansion: "Same"  

   Granfelt, Ben: "Live ... Becaue We Can!"   

   Granfelt, Ben: "True Colours"   

   Grassow, Mathias & Brückner, Michael: "Polar Vortex"   

   Grateful Dead: "30 Trips Around The Sun"   

   Grauglanz: "Elected Pieces (2011-2019)   

   Graw, Minne: "Ausgeträumt"  

   Gray Matters: "Live In Concert"   

   Green: "Live - Longtime Favours"   

   Green King: "Hidden Beyond Time"   

   Green Violinist, The: "More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings"   

   Greene, Alastair: "Standing Out Loud"  

   Grey Attack: "Grey@ttack"   

   Grey, Florian: "RITUS"   

   Greyscale: "Cruel Machine"  

   Grimskunk: "Skunkadelic"

   Griselda: "Reno Nevada"   

   Grobschnitt: "Acoustic Album"   

      Grobschnitt: "Kinder + Narren, Sonnentanz Live, Fantasten, Last Party"   

       Grobschnitt: "Volle Molle, Illegal und Razzia" Vinyl   

Grobschnitt: "Jumbo englisch, Rockpommel's Land, Solar Music Live und Merry-Go-Round" Vinyl

       Grobschnitt: "Grobschnitt, Ballermann, Jumbo deutsch" Vinyl   

  Grobschnitt: "Solar Movie-Box"   

   Grobschnitt: "Symphony - Live 2012 -"   

   Grobschnitt / Taras Bulba: "Anywhere / The Cruel White"

   Grobschnitt: "2008 Live 2010"

   Grobschnitt: "2010 Live (Vinylausgabe)"

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt Story 0 - Kapelle Elias Grobschnitt"

   Grobschnitt: "2010 Live"

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt Story Vol. 2"

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt Story Vol. 1"

   Grobschnitt: "Another Journey"

   Grobschnitt: "2008 live" - Vinyl-Ausgabe

   Grobschnitt: "Solar Music live" 

   Grobschnitt: "Illegal"  

   Grobschnitt: "Ballermann"  

   Grobschnitt: "2008 live"

     Grobschnitt: "Jumbo" und "Rockpommel's Land" (Wiederveröffentlichung)

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt-Story Vol. 2"

   Grobschnitt: "The History Of Solar Music Vol. 1"

   Grobschnitt: "The History Of Solar Music Vol. 2"

   Grobschnitt: "The History Of Solar Music Vol. 3"

   Grobschnitt: "The History Of Solar Music Vol. 4"

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt-Story Vol. 4 - Illegal live"

   Grobschnitt: "The History Of Solar Music Vol. 5"

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt-Story Vol. 5"

   Grobschnitt: "Die Grobschnitt-Story Vol. 6"

   Gross, Andreas: "Grounds Of Ashes"   

   Grosskopf, Harald: "Synthesist 2010"

   Grosskopf, Harald: "Yeti Society"

         Gruvitz, Paul: 3 Alben

   Guess Who, The: "Original Album Classics"    

   Guildenstern: "Guildenstern"

   Gunslingers: "Manifesto Zero"

  Gurtu, Trilok: "Crazy Saints Live"   

   Guru Guru: "Tango Fango"

   Guru Guru: "Mani und seine Freunde"

   Guru Guru: "Moshi Moshi"

   Guru Guru: "In The Guru Lounge"

   Gypsy Pistoleros: "Duende A Go Go Loco!"