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   H. Hawkline: "Milk For Flowers"  

   Hack, Andreas: "Pieces"   

       Hackett, Steve: "Please Don't Touch", "Spectral Mornings", "Defector"   

   Hackett, Steve: "Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith" 

   Hackett, Steve: "Beyond The Shrouded Horizon"

   Hackett, Steve: "Live Rails"

   Hackett, Steve: "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth"

   Hackett, Steve: "Metamorpheus"  

   Hadzimanov Band, Vasil: "Lines In Sand"   

   Hagen, Nina: "Original Album Classics"  

   Hagen von Bergen: "6 Sells"  

   Hagen von Bergen: "Kind Of Yellow"  

   Hagen von Bergen: "Fernando Heard The Drums"  

  Hagen von Bergen: "Ei Allemol"   

   Hagen von Bergen: "Jetzt"   

   Hagen von Bergen & Christian Fiesel: "Sperrgut"   

   Half Past Four: "Rabbit In The Vestibule"

   Halford, Jeffrey Ant The Healers: "Soul Crusade"  

   Halma Bravo: "A Warm Welcome"  

   Haloroid: "Repeat Repeat Repeat"   

   Hammill, Peter: "Consequences"  

   Hampl, Yoshi: "Water Dealer"

   Hangar: "Infallible"

   Hannibal: "Cyberia"  

  Hansen, Randy: "Funtown"   

   Harbek, Vanesa: "Visiones"  

   Hargest Darken: "Vom Winde verwöhnt"  

   Hargest Darken: "Der dauernde Fluss"   

   Hargest Darken: "Abschied ist ein schweres Schaf"   

   Harlis: "Night Meets The Day" 

   Harlis: "Harlis"

   Harmonic Generater: "When The Sun Goes Down"   

   Harp: "Albion"  

   Harper, Roy: "Lifemask"  

   Harrison, Gavin & 05Ric: "The Man Who Sold Himself"   

   Harrison, Gavin & 05Ric: "Circles" 

   Hart, Beth & Bonamassa, Joe: "Seesaw"   

   Hart, Beth: "Better Than Home"   

   Hart, Beth: "Bang Bang Boom Boom"  

   Hart, Dennis: "Love Songs"  

   Hart, Dennis: "Chillout"  

   Hart, Dennis: "Veermaster"  

   Hartley Band, Keef: "Live At Aachen Open Air Festival 1970"   

   Hartmann: "Balance"  

   Harvest: "Underground Community"  

   Hattler: "Sundae"  

   Hattler: "Velocity"   

   Hattler, Hellmut: "Bassball II"   

   Hattler: "Warhol Holidays"   

   Hattler: "Live Cuts II"   

   Hattler: "The Kite"   

   Hauch: "Lehmasche"  

   Hauser, Tom: "Offenes Herz"  

   Haven Of Echoes: "The Indiffferent Stars"  

   Hayward, Justin: "Spirits Of The Western Sky"   

   Headspace: "I Am Anonymous"  

   Healey Band, The Jeff: "House On Fire"   

   Healing Spirit Volume 1

   Heart: "Live At The Royal Albert Hall"   

   Heart: "Original Album Classics"   

   Heart Of Cygnus: "Over Mountain, Under Hill"

   Heartplay: "Where Deadends Meet"

   Heatwaves: "Kappa"  

   Heavy Water Experiments: "Same"

   Heimann, Rudolf: "Die Unendlichkeit des Augenblicks"   

   Heimann, Rudolf: "Tiefenrausch"   

   Heimann, Rudolf: "Touch The Sky"   

  Heimann, Rudolf: "Polychronos"   

   Heimann, Rudolf: "Into The Unknown"   

   Heimann, Rudolf: "Tide"

   Heizkoerper: "My Fetching Red Firebutton"

   Helldorado: "The Ballad Of Nora Lee"

   Hellfort, Nick: "The Mask Within"   

   Hello Madness: "Light And Life After Dusk"  

   Hellride: "Acousticalized"   

   Hellsingland Underground: "Endless Optimism"  

   Hemesath: "So schön"  

   Hemesath: "Rot, so rot"   

   Hemina: "Romancing The Ether"  

   Hemisphere: "Rambling Voyage"

   Hemisphere: "Destination Infinity"

   Hence Confetti: "Same"  

   Hendrix Experience, Jimi: "Hollywood Bowl / August 18. 1967"  

   Henning: "Skymningsmusik För Dagdrömmare"  

   Hensley, Ken: "Rare & Timeless"   

   Hensley, Ken: "Blood On The Highway"  

   Herbst, Martin: "Mosaic"  

   Heroina: "Heroina"

   Hertz, Jack: "Planet Red: Atmosheres" und "Planet Red: Missions"   

   Herzparasit: "ParaKropolis"   

   Herzparasit: "Gifttherapie"   

   Herzparasit: "Fromme Lämmer"  

   Hex A.D.: "Delightful Sharp Edges"  

   Hexed: "Pagans Rising"  

   Hidden Orchestra: "To Dream Is To Forget"  

   Hidria Spacefolk: "Balansia"  

   The Higher Craft: "Magic Box"

   Hillmen: "The Whiskey Mountain Sessions Vol. II"   

   Hinn Islenski Þursaflokkurinn: "Á hljómleikum"  

   Hipgnosis: "Relusion"  

   Hipgnosis: "Sky Is The Limit"

   Hill & Ray: "Serendipity"   

   Hills: "Hills"

   Himmellegeme: "Variola Vera"  

   Hirudo: "The First Incarnation"

   Hirudo: "Twenty Years Later"

   Hoelderlin: "Traumstadt-Live"

   Hoenig / Göttsching: "Early Water"  

   Hoffmann-Hoock & Wöstheinrich: "Conundrum"  

   Hogwash: "Atombombproofheart"  

   Holde Fee: "Malaga"

   Holding Pattern: "Breaking The Silence"  

   Hollies, The: "Midas Touch - The Very Best Of"  

   Holdsworth, Allan: "Hard Hat Area"  

   Holdsworth, Allan: "None Too Soon"  

   Holm-Lupo, Jakob: "Entire Of Itself"  

   Horizontal Ascension: "Horizontal Ascension"   

   Horlyck, Helene: "A Nordic Room"  

   Horndasch, Matthias: "How Long ... Does A Heart Beat?"   

   Hour Of The Shipwreck: "The Hour Is Upon Us"

   House Of Aquarius: "World Through Blooded Eyes"   

   Howe, Steve: "Love Is"   

   Howlin' Sun: "Maxime"  

   Hughes, Steve: "Once We Were - Part Two"   

   Hughes, Steve: "Once We Were - Part One"   

   Hum: "One"  

   Human: "Human"   

   The Human Abstract: "Digital Veil"

   Human Metronome: "The Child Set Free"

   Human Zoo: "Echoes Beyond"  

  Hundred Seventy Split: "The Road"   

   Hunter, Ian: "From The Knees Of My Heart - The Chrysalis Years (1979-1981)"  

   Hunter, Ian: "Original Album Classics"  

   Hurricane #1: "Backstage Waiting To Go On"  

   Husband, Gary & Reuter, Markus: "Music Of Our Times"   

   Huun-Huur-Tu: "Spirits From Tuva"

   Huygen, Michel: "Krung Thep"

   Hymn For Her: "Bloodier Than Blood"  

   Hypnosphere: "Timedrift"   

   Hypnosphere: "Magnetism"