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   Idle Hands, The: "Dark Rooms"

   iH8 Camera: "Same"

   Illsley, John: "Coming Up For Air"  

   Illsley, John: "Long Shadows"   

  Illsley, John: "Live In London"   

   Il Tempio Delle Clessidre: "Alie Natura"   

  Imagine: "Still Unbroken"   

   Imaginary Landscape: "Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Stille"  

   Imaginary Landscape: "Undiscovered Landscapes"  

   Imogene: "Imogene"

   Impala Ray: "From The Valley To The Sea"   

  ImPuls: "Ration Rock"   

   In2TheSound: "Commotion & Style"  

   INADREAM: "No Songs For Lovers"  

  Indicate Left: "Until The Aliens Come"   

   Individual Industry: "Dreams Never End"

   Indra: "Signs"

   Indukti: "Idmen"

   Infidus: "Endless Greed"   

  Infinitas: "Civitas Interitus"   

   Infinity's Call: "Unconditional"   

   Informatik: "Arena"

   INGVAY: "One Magic Mile"  

   Initial Mass: "Alluvium"  

   In Legend: "Ballads 'N' Bullets"

   InMe: "Herald Moth"

   In My Dreams: "XII Reasons To Remember"  

   Inner Axis: "We Live By Steel"   

   Inner Core: "Soultaker"   

   Inquire: "Inquire Within"

   Inquire: "The Neck Pillow"

   Inquire: "Das Auge ist der erste Kreis"

   Inquire: "Melancholie / Welcome To My Rock And Roll"

   Insane: "Doppelfickerspiegelpanzer"  

   In Strict Confidence: "La Parade Monstrueuse"  

   In Strict Confidence: "My Despair"

   Interzone: "Aus Liebe"  

   In The Labyrinth: "One Trail To Heaven"  

   InVertigo: "InMotion"  

   InVertigo: "Veritas"  

   Inyaka: "Erdaufgang"

   IQ: "Frequency"

   IQ: "Dark Matter"   

     Iron Horses: "Black Leather"   

   Isgaard: "Human"  

   Isgaard: "Whiteout"   

   Isgaard: "Naked"   

   Isgaard: "Playing God"  

   Isgaard: "Wooden Houses"  

   Islo Mob: "Wir sind das Abendland"

   Issun: "Dark Green Glow"  

   IT: "Departure"

   It Bites: "Map Of The Past"  

    Ivan And The Parazol: "Exotic Post Traumatic"  

   Ixion: "Garden Of Eden"