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   m00m: "Tomorrow"  

  M.O.B.S.: "Aus dem Nichts ..."   

   Maahn, Wolf: "Break Out Of Babylon"   

   Maahn, Wolf: "Live & Seele"   

   Maahn, Wolf: "Sensible Daten"   

     Maahn, Wolf: "Irgendwo in Deutschland und Kleine Helden"   

   Maahn, Wolf: "Zauberstrassen Revisited"   

   Maahn, Wolf: "Lieder vom Rand der Galaxis - Solo Live"  

   Maahn, Wolf & die Deserteure: "Rosen im Asphalt / Live!"

   Maahn, Wolf: "Direkt ins Blut / (Un)Plugged"

   Maahn, Wolf: "Vereinigte Staaten"

   Machine Mass Trio: "As Real As Thinking"  

   Madrugada: "The Best Of"

   Mae, Willow: "Song Of Songs"   

   MaEasy: "Topp Cosmos"

   Mäläskä: "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory"   

   Maerzfeld: "Tief"  

   Märvel: "Double Decade"   

   Maestoso: "Grim"

   Maffay, Peter: "Original Album Classics"   

   Magenta: "Metamorphosis"  

   Magical Heart: "Heartsonic"   

   Magical Heart: "Another Wonderland"   

   Magnum: "The Visitation"

   Magnum: "Into The Valley Of The Moonking"

   Magnum: "Brand New Morning"

   Maguire Sextet, Alex: "Brewed In Belgium"

   Mahogany Frog: "In The Electric Universe"   

   Mahogany Frog: "Senna"   

   Mahogni: "Ny Start"   

   Maier: "Im wilden Leben"   

   Maier Bode, Rolf: "Twenty Thirteen"   

   Maier Bode, Rolf: "Thirteen Stories"

   Majestic Scene: "Soul Corruption"

   Major, George: "Porch Songs 3"   

   Major, George: "Porch Songs 2"   

   Major, George: "Porch Songs"   

   Major Parkinson: "Valesa Chapter 1: Velvet Prison"   

   Makowski, Frank: "Canon der Finsternisse"   

   Man On Fire: "Chrysalis"

   Manderley: "...fliegt Gedanken, fliegt..."  

   Mandra Gora Lightshow Society / Cherry Overdrive: "EP"  

   Mangler, Holle: "Tales From A Fairy World Part 1"   

   Mangrove: "Beyond Reality"

   Manning: "The Root, The Leaf & The Bone"   

   Manning: "Akoustik"   

   Maralewo: "Zwischenzone"   

   Marbin: "Breaking The Cycle"

   Marble Sheep: "Message From Oarfish"

   Marblewood: "Marblewood"   

   Marboss: "Fukushima Daiichi"

   Marboss: "Electrotherapies"

   Marcanus: "Silva"   

   Marek Dusil Blend: "Karlsbad"   

  Marek Dusil Blend: "Ocean"   

  Margin: "Psychedelic Teatime"   

   Marillion: "An Hour Before It's Dark"   

   Marillion: "With Friends At St David's"   

   Marillion: "Sounds That Can't Be Made - Special Edition"   

   Marillion: "The Singles Vol. 2 - 89 - 95"   

   Marillion: "Sounds That Can't Be Made"  

   Marillion: "The Singles '82 - 88' "

   Marillion: "The Thieving Magpie'"

   Marillion: "Live From Loreley"  

   Marillion: "Recital The Script"

   Marquette: "Into The Wild"   

   Marquette: "Human Reparation"   

   Mars Hollow: "World In Front Of Me"

   Marte, Harry & Big Pit: "A Blue Line"   

  Martens & Band, Jessy: "Touch My Blues Away"   

   Martha Rabbit: "Phonolith"   

   Martha Rabbit: "Dysnomia"   

   Martha Rabbit: "Zodiaklicht"   

   Martha Rabbit: "Pyrrhogaster"  

  Martigan: "Distant Monsters"   

   Martigan: "Vision"  

   Martigan: "Man Of The Moment"

   Martin, Jimmy: "Berlin"   

   Martin, Jimmy: "Wild At Heart"   

   Martyn Band, John: "The Smiling Stranger in Bremen"   

   Mask Of Prospero: "Hiraeth"   

   M.A.S.S./Mythos: "The Modern Electronic Kamasutra"

   M.A.S.S./Mythos: "Mysteria"

   Matt Bianco: "Hideaway"   

   Matthews, Krissy: "& Friends"  

   Matzumi: "Symphony Of Silence And Humility"   

   Matzumi: "In Mutatio Tempora"

   Mau, Melanie & Schnella, Martin: "The Rainbow Tree"  

   Mau, Melanie & Schnella, Martin: "Invoke The Ghosts"   

   Mau, Melanie & Schnella, Martin: " Crowdless Sessions"   

   Mau, Melanie & Schnella, Martin: "Through The Decades"   

   Mau, Melanie & Martin Schnella: "The Oblivion Tales"   

   Mau, Melanie & Schnella, Martin: "Pieces To Remember"   

   Mau, Melanie & Schnella, Martin: "Gray Matters"   

   Maucher, Charly: "Performance"  

   Maxxess: "Reactivate"   

   Maxess: "Green Fairy"   

   Maxxess: "Ultra"   

   Maxxess: "Offroad"

   Maxxess: "Authenticity"

   Maxxess: "The Sequel" 

   Maxxess: "Electrixx"

   Maxxwell: "Slapshot"  

   Maxxwell: "All In"

   May, Brian + Friends: "Star Fleet Project + Beyond"  

   May, Brian: "Another World"   

   Maze Of Sound: "Sunray"   

   Maze Of Time: "Lullaby For Heroes"

   McCartney, Paul: "I II III"   

   McCormack, Eamonn: "Eamonn McCormack"   

   McCormack, Eamonn: "Like There's No Tomorrow"   

   Mc Cormack, Eamonn: "Kindered Spirits" 

   McGlynn, Ian: "The Diamonds EP"  

   McGuinn, Roger: "Original Album Classics"   

   McGuinn: "Back From Rio"

   McKennitt, Loreena: "The Story So Far - The Best Of"   

   Me Against The World: "Breaking Apart"   

   Me.Man.Machine.: "Reviver"   

   Meat Loaf: "Welcome To The Neighbourhood - Collectors Edition"

   Meer: "Playing House"   

   Meesha: "A Change Of Scenery"   

   Meier, Nicolas: "Infinity"   

   Meinecke: Ulla: "Original Album Classics"   

   Meinhard, Jeremias: "V"

   Meinschäfer & Baader: "Ring frei!"  

   Meinschäfer, Martin: "Wer hat, der hat!"   

   Melanie: "Lieblingsstücke"  

   Melt Motif: "A White Horse Will Take You Home"   

   Mentalist: "Freedom Of Speech"   

   Menzman & Friends: "Insights"   

   Mercury, Freddie: "Never Boring"   

   Mergener, Peter: "New Horizons"   

   Mergener, Peter: "Astronaut"   

   Mergener, Peter: "Robotic Instinct"   

   Mergener, Peter: "Take Off"   

  Mergener, Peter: "Passage In Time"   

  Mergener, Peter: "Creatures 2020"   

   Mergener, Peter: "Phonetic Society"

   Mergener Et Amici: "Mare Nostrum"   

   Mergener Et Amici: "Vitam Aut Mortem"

   Mergener Et Amici: "Nox Mystica"

   Mergener, Peter: "Lounge Control"

   Mergener, Peter & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock: "Visions Of Asia"

   The Merlin Bird: "Reason And Rhyme"

   Mesh: "A Perfect Solution"

   Metamorphosis: "I'm Not A Hero"   

   Metamorphosis: "Metamorphosis"

   Methuselah: "Tribute To Freedom"

   Metropolis: "Newtime 2"  

   Meyer, Frank & Leykam, Robert: "The Cause Lies In The Future"  

   Meyer, Frank + Leykam, Roman: "Shards"   

   Meyer, Guido: "Lightyears" 

   Meyer, Guido: "Installations"

   Meyer, Guido: "Cyscoop"

   Meyer, Guido: "Connected To Dead"

   Meyer, Jini: "Frei sein"   

   Michael Weston King: "The Tender Place"

   microClocks: "Soon Before Sundown"   

   microClocks: "Opinions Are On Sale"

   MiDaMi: "Project One"   

   Midnight: "Sekada"

   Mighty Mauch: "Black Rose"   

   Mike + The Mechanics: "Out Of The Blue"   

   Mike + The Mechanics: "Let Me Fly"   

   Mike & The Mechanics: "Living Years - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition"   

   Mike & The Mechanics: "The Singles 1985 - 2014"   

   Miller Band, Steve: "J50: The Evolution Of The Joker"  

   Miller Band, Steve: "Selections From The Vault"   

   Miller, Rick: "One Of The Many"  

   Miller, Rick: "Altered States"   

   Miller, Rick: "Old Souls"   

   Miller, Rick: "Unstuck In Time"   

   Miller, Rick: "Belief In The Machine"   

   Mindgames: "MMX"  

   Mindgames: "Actors In A Play"

   Mindmovie: "Happiness And Tears"

   Mindmovie: "An Ocean Of Dreams"  

   Mind Over Matter: "On The Wings Of The Wind"

   Mindstrip: "Beautiful Liar"   

   Minogue, Kylie: "The Albums 2000 - 2010"

   Minusheart: "Calls From Space"   

   Mirrored In Secrecy: "Day Of Renewal"  

   Mirrorplain: "Lost In Paradise"   

   Mirrorplain: "Path Of Salvation"   

   Moderne Mann, Der: "Unmodern plus"

   Der Moderne Mann: "Drama, Spiel und Blut"

   Modeste: "Landale"   

   Moe: "Second Row Kids"   

   Mollton: "Inhale"   

   Mollton: "Bridges"  

   Molly Hatchet: "Justice"

   Molvaer, Nils Petter: "Baboon Moon"

  Mombasa: "Shango Over Devil's Moor"   

   Monnaie De Singe: "The Last Chance"   

   Mono Inc.: "Pain, Love & Poetry"  

   Montage: "Metamorphosis"   

   Montanà, Lorenzo: "Black Ivy"

   Mooch: "Flight Of The Dub Voyager"

   Mooch: "Gaiaspace"

   Moonband, The: "Back In Time"   

   Moonband, The: "Atlantis"   

   Moonbooter: "Reminiscence"   

   Moonbooter: "Beyond The Neon Lights"   

   Moonbooter: Both Sides Of The Moonbooter"   

   Moonbooter: "Groundcontrol And The Victory Of Mankind"   

   Moonbooter: "EVIL 18DE"   

   Moonbooter: "Cosmosonic"   

   Moonbooter: "EVIL 17NL"   

   Moonbooter: "Schwarzmond"   

  Moonbooter: "Cosmoharmonics"   

   Moonbooter: "The Wave"   

   Moonbooter: "Cosmoromantics"   

   Moonbooter: "Still Alive"   

   Moonbooter: "Zeitenwende"   

   Moonbooter: "Cosmophonica"  

   Moonbooter: "World Of Apes 2"

   Moonbooter: "Cosmologica"

   Moonbooter: "World Of Apes 1"   

   Moonbooter: "Fast Refelections"

   Moonbooter: "Cosmoclimax"

   Moonbooter: "Lunatic Voyage"  

   Moonbooter: "Under Control"

   Moonbooter: "Orbit Number 2"

   Moonbooter: "Devided"

   Moonbooter: "Teralogica"

   Moonbooter Vs. BatteryDead: "Live Muenster 2017"   

   Moonbooter Vs. Otarion: "Live Münster 2016"   

   Moonbooter Vs. Wellenfeld: "Live Münster 2015"   

   Moonbound: "Peak Of Eternal Light"

   Moonbound: "Confession And Release"

   Moonrise: "Ten Flowers For The Shade"   

   Moon Safari: "[blomljud]"  

   Moore, Gary: "Back To The Blues"  

   Moore, Gary: "A Different Beat"   

  Moore, Gary: "Live At Bush Hall 2007"   

   Moore, Gary: "Blues For Jimi"  

   Moraine: "Metamorphic Rock"  

   Moraine: "Manifest Density"  

   Morlocks: "The Outlaw Of Fives"  

   MorPheuSz: "Tantalizing Thoughts At The Dawn Of Dreams - Chapter Two"  

   MorPheuSz: "Garden Gnomes & Goblins"  

   Morpheusz: "Chapter One: Days Of Delirium & Nocturnal Nightmares" 

   Morrissey: "Glamorous Glue"

   Morrissey: "The Very Best Of"

   Morse Band, The Neal: "The Great Adventure"   

   Morse, Neal: "Life & Times"   

  Morse Band, The Neal: "The Similitude Of A Dream"   

   Morse, Neal: "Live Momentum"  

   Morse, Neal: "Momentum"  

   Morse, Neal: "Testimony Two - Live In Los Angeles"

   Morse, Neal: "Testimony 2"

   Morse, Neal: "So Many Roads"  

   Mosaik: "Im Wandel der Zeit"  

   Mosaik: "Stille Nacht"

   Mostly Autumn: "Passengers"

  Mother Black Cat: "Thousand Faces"   

   Mother Jane: "Turn The Page"  

   Mother Road: "Drive"  

   Motorjesus: "Electric Revelation"  

   Motorjesus: "Wheels Of Purgatory"

   Motorowl: "This House Has No Center"  

   Mott The Hoople: "Original Album Classics"

   Mountain: "Original Album Classics"

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XXIII - Stranger III"

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XXII Stranger II" 

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XXI Stranger I"

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "The Evolution Of"

   Move D & Namlook: "XX - Taygete"

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XIX - Dawning Of A New Decade"

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XVIII - Sexoid"  

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XVII There!"  

   Move D & Pete Namlook: "XVI Travelling The Silk Route"

   Movements, The: "For Sardines Space Is No Problem"

   Mr Averell: "Gridlock"  

   Mr. Blue Sky: "The Very Best Of Electric Orchestra"  

   Mr Zarko: "Electric Gypsy Disco Noise"   

   Mrs. Kite: "Flickering Lights"   

   MTA Lab: "Autumnal (EP)"   

   MTA Lab: "Autumn"   

   MTA Lab: "In Luv"  

   MTA Lab: "Synthetica"  

   Mugstar: "Lime" 

   Mugstar / Oneida : "Collisions 02"

   Mulder, Eddie: "To The Centre"  

  Mundtot: "Wir"  

  Mundtot: "Schatten"  

   Mundtot: "Spätsommer"  

   Munro, Donnie: "Heart Of America"

   Murphy, Chris: "The Road And The Stars"  

   Murphy, Chris: "Two Rivers Crossing"   

   Mushroom Giants: "In A Forest"   

   Musique D'ameublement: "Is This Making Sense?"

   Musixx And The Crazyy Hornzz: "Mystery"

   Mutagénése: "Voices"  

   Mutagénèse: "Microcosm"   

   My Inner Burning: "Eleven Scars"

   Myriad Drone: "Arka Morgana"  

   My Sleeping Karma: "Tri"

   Mystery: "From Dusk Till Dawn"  

   Mystical Light: "Full Moon Rising"  

   Mystical Light: "Beyond The Horizon"  

   Mythen in Tüten: "Die neue Kollektion"

   Mythopoeic Mind: "Hatchling"   

   Mythos: "Berliner Schule Sequencing"   

   Mythos: "Jules Verne - Around The World In 80 Minutes"  

   Mythos: "Jules Verne Forever"  

   Mythos: "Surround Sound Evolution"  

   Mythos: "Grand Prix"  

   Mythos: "Quasar"  

   Mythos: "Superkraut / Live At Stagge's Hotel 1976"

   Mythos: "Unabsteigbar!"  

   Mythos: "Gallery Concerts"

   Mythos: "Surround Sound Offensive"