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   P'Cock: "The IC Years - The Prophet & in'cognito"  

   P'Faun: "Live in 2018"  

   P'Faun: "The Golden Peacock"  

   P'Faun: "Sp`roque"  

   Paatos: "V"  

   Pachinko Fake, The: "Flakes - A Collection Of Fine Songs"  

   Pachinko Fake, The: "A Hundred Ways To Kill Your Love"

   Padilla, Craig & Skip Murphy: "Analog Destination"

   Pagan's Mind: "Heavenly Ecstasy"

   Pagan's Mind: "God's Equation"

   Pain Of Salvation: "Road Salt Two"  

   Pain Of Salvation: "Road Salt One"

   Pain Of Salvation: "Linoleum"

   Paintbox: "Bright Gold And Red"  

   Pallas: "XXV"

   Palmer's ELP Legacy, Carl: "Live"  

   Panzerballett: "X-Mas Death Jazz"  

   Panzerballett: "Breaking Brain"  

   Panzerballett: "Tank Goodness"  

  Papaslide: "The Deepest Pain"  

   Papen, Rob: "Waiting"  

  Paperstreet Empire: "Heat"  

   Papir Meets Electric Moon: "The Papermoon Sessions"  

   Paradise 9: "Nothing For Tomorrow"  

   Parallel Or 90 Degrees: "Jitters"

   Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell: "Morphogenic"  

   Parallel Worlds: "Shade"

   ParallelWorlds: "Obsessive Surrealism"

   Paranoid Android: "No Way Out"  

   Pariahlord: "Vultures"  

   Parmenter, Matthew: "Horror Express"

   Parrish, Brian: "Traveller"  

   Parsick, Stephen: "Cambrium"  

   Parsons Project, The Alan: "The Turn Of A Friendly Card - 35th Anniversary Edition"  

   Parsons, Alan: "LiveSpan"  

   Parsons Project, Alan: "All Time Best"  

   Parsons Project, Alan: "Original Album Classics"

   Parsons, David: "Vajra"

   Parts, Judith: "Meadowsweet"  

   Parzival: "David The - Hymn"  

  Parzivals Eye: "Defragments"  

   Parzivals Eye: "Fragments"

   Patenbrigade: Wolff: "Baustoff [Popmusik für Rohrleger]"  

   Path Of Samsara: "Same"

   Patrick 9000: "Endless Journey"  

   Patte, Indrek: "In"  

  Patte, Indrek: "Thank And Share"  

   Patte, Indrek: "Celebration"  

   Pavic: "Is War The Answer?"  

   Pavlov's Dog: "Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?"  

   Payuta, Harry: " Between A Rock And A Hard Place"  

   Payuta, Harry & Friends: "Zacatecoluca"

   Pee Wee Bluesgang: "A Soft Suicide"  

   Pee Wee Bluesgang: "Cool Man's Burning"  

   Pee Wee Bluesgang: "Red Socks"  

   Pee Wee Bluesgang: "40 Bluesful Years"  

   Pee Wee Bluesgang: "Bootlegged in Balve"  

   Pee Wee Bluesgang: "Absolutely Live"  

   Pee Wee Bluesgang, The feat. Drafi Deutscher: "Playing Funky - The Lost Album"  

   PeeWee Bluesgang: "Live im Jovel"  

   Peewee Bluesgang: "Boudoir de Luxe"  

   Pelagic Zone: "Pelagic Zone"  

   Pels Syndicate, The: "Transfer Of My Affection"  

   Pels Syndicate, The: "Chemical Inconveniences"  

   The Pels Syndicate: "Cinematic Blue"

   Pendragon: "Passion"

   Pendragon: "Pure" 

   Pendragon: "Believe"

   Pendragon: "The Jewel - Remastered"

   Pendragon: "Not Of This World"

   Pennys Twisted Flavour: "Sketches"

   Perc, The: "Koto Funk"  

   Perceptual Defence: "Emotional Ruins"  

   Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda: "Live At Cosmic Nights 2017"  

   Perfidious Words: "Feel Like Me"

   Perrier Project, Dominique: "Space Art Project"  

   Perry, Steve: "Traces"  

   Pershagen: "Hilma"  

   Perspective X IV: "Shadow Of Doubt"

  Peters, Martin: "Angels Of Nowhere"  

   Petrosino: "Slices"

   Pharamond: "Naturalis Historia"  

   Pharamond: "Orbis Tertius"  

   PHI: "Cycles"  

  PHI: "Waves Over Vienna - Live At dasBach"  

   PHI: "Now The Waves Of Sound Remain"  

   Phideaux: "Number Seven"

   Philosophobia: "Philosophobia"  

   Phyria: "The Colors Among Us"  

   Picture Palace Music: "Remnants"  

   Picture Palace Music: "Indulge The Passion"  

   PicturePalace Music: "Midsummer"

   PicturePalace music: "Symphony For Vampires"  

   PicturePalace music: "Somnambulistic Tunes"

   Piel De Canto: "10 Piezas Minimas y otra puerta de Sonido"  

   Piledriver: "Live In Europe"  

   Pilderiver: "Rockwall"  

   Piledriver: "Brothers In Boogie"  

   Pillion: "Halcyon"  

   Pilomotor: "Imaginary Friend"  

   Pineapple Thief: "Someone Here Is Missing"

   Pineapple Thief, The: "What We Have Sawn"

   Pinella, Michael: "Enter By The Twelfth Gate"

  Pink Floyd: "The Endless River"  

   Pinski: "Sound The Alarm"  

   Pixie Ninja: "Hypnagogia"  

   Plangger, Dominik: "Hoffnungsstur"  

   Plant, Robert: "Carry Fire"  

   Plant, Robert And The Sensational Space Shifters: "lullaby and ... The Ceasless Roar"  

   Poetess' Play: "Wandering Trees"  

   PoiL: "PoiL Ueda"  

   PØLAR: "Ø"  

   Police, The: "Around The World Restored & Expanded"  

   Polis: "Unterwegs I"  

   Polis: "Weltklang"  

   Pollard, Brendan: "Flux Echoes"  

   Polska Radio One: "Cosmos Inside"  

   Polytoxicomane Philharmonie: "Go Ape"  

   Poor Genetic Material: "Possibilities"  

   Poor Genetic Material: "Elsewhere"  

   Poor Genetic Material: "Here Now"  

   Poor Genetic Material: "Absence"  

   Poor Genetic Material: "A Day In June"  

   Popul Vuh: "Das Hohelied Salomos"

   Popul Vuh: "Letzte Tage - letzte Nächte"

   Popul Vuh: "Herz aus Glas"

   Popul Vuh: "Die Nacht der Seele"

   Popul Vuh: "Fitzcarraldo"

   Porcupine Tree: "Recordings"

   Porcupine Tree: "Fear Of A Blank Planet"

   Porcupine Tree: "Stars Die"

   Porcupine Tree: "In Absentia"

   Porcupine Tree: "Stupid Dream (remasterd)"

   Porn: "No Monsters In God's Eyes - Act III"  

   Porn: "The Ogre Inside"  

   Port Mahadia: "Echoes In Time"

   Porter, Jennifer: "Yes, I Do!"  

   Pothead: "Jackpot"  

   Potschka, Potsch: "Fantasia Iberica"  

   Poverty's No Crime: "Save Your Soul"

   Powerworld: "Human Parasite"

   Presley, Elvis: "Elvis 75"  

   Priester, Die: "Spiritus Dei"

   Prisma: "You Name It"  

   Procol Harum: "Novum"  

     Procol Harum: "First" und "Shine On Brightly"  

   Professor Tip Top: "Lanes Of Time"  

   Profusion: "Phersu"  

   Prog Collective, The: "Epilogue"  

   Project Andrew Rotten: "En Passant"

   Project: Midnight: "The First Encounter"  

   Project:Patchwork: "Ultima Ratio"  

   Project:Patchwork: "Re/Flection"  

  Project:Patchwork: "Tales From A Hidden Dream"  

   Projekt Erde: "11:11"  

   Protos: "The Noble Pauper's Grave"  

   Protz: "In Dog We Trust"  

   Psyborg Corp: "The Mechanical Renaissance"  

   Psymbiance: "IS"

   Ptolemea: "Maze"  

   Ptolemea: "Tome 1"  

   Pulcher Femina: "Darkness Prevails"  

   Pulse: "Adjusting The Space"  

   Pure Reason Revolution: "Hammer And Anvil"

   Purpendicular: "Venus To Volcanus"  

   Pymlico: "Supermassive"  

   Pymlico: "On This Day"  

   Pymlico: "Meeting Point"  

  Pymlico: "Guiding Light"  

   Pymlico: "Directions"  

   Pyramaxx: "Move"  

  Pyramaxx: "Distance"  

  Pyramaze: "Contingent"  

   Pyramid Peak: "Symmetry"  

   Pyramid Peak: "Roots"  

   Pyramid Peak: "Anatomy"  

   Pyramid Peak: "5vor12"

   Pyramid Peak: "Evolution"

   Pyramid Peak: "Caveland"