In dieser Rubrik stelle ich CD's vor.
Ihr könnt mir auch gerne Eure CD-Kritiken mailen.

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   Rachel's Memory: "Understated Drama"  

   Radiohead: "In Rainbows"   

   Rahn, Lutz: "Solo Trip"  

   Rainbow: "Monsters Of Rock - Live At Donington 1980"   

   Rainbow Serpent & Isgaard: "Stranger"

   Rainbow Serpent: "Live@Liphook 2007"  

   Rainbow Serpent: "The 8th Nerve"

   Rain For A Day: "Elemental"

   Rammelhof: "Umweltschmutz"   

   ['ramp]: "No Sleep 'Til Wilmersdorf"   

   ['ramp]: "Synchronized Or Die"   

   ['ramp]: "Astral Disaster"   

   ['ramp]: "Steel And Steam"  

   ['ramp]: "Return"  

   ['ramp]: "Debris"  

   Ramses: "Control Me"   

  Ramses: "Firewall"   

   Randale: "Never Mind The Blockflöte, Here's The Randale"   

   Rangleklods: "Beekeeper"  

  Rankenburg, Tom: "Awake"   

   Rattles, The: "Say Yeah!"

   Rauschhardt: "Free Falling"

   Ray, Peter: "444"   

   Rayment, Colin: "Time Dilation"  

   Rayment, Colin: "Equilibrium"  

   Rayment, Colin: "Evolving Forms"  

   Rayment, Colin: "FRB"   

   Rayment, Colin: "Architects Of Orion"   

  Rayment, Colin: "Abstract Dimensions"   

   Razzmattazz: "Diggin' For Gold"   

   Re-Machined: "A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine Head"  

   Rea, Dennis: "Giant Steppes"   

   Rea, Dennis: "Views From Chicheng Precipice" 

   Real Ax Band: "Just Vibrations - Live At The Quartier Latin Berlin"   

   Realtime: "Swinging Amplitudes"   

  Realtime: "Magnificent Imaginations"   

  Realtime: "Live In Cologne"   

   Realtime: "Solar Walk"   

   Realtime: "Lights Of The Universe"  

   Reasoning, The: "Awakening"  

   Rebellious Spirit: "New Horizons"   

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Voyage"   

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Surreal Dreams"   

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Perfection Mode"   

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Virtual Mind"   

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Mirror Images"  

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Subsesizer"

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Unnatural Light"

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Part Of Time"  

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Altitude 30000"

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Timecode"

   Reckzeh, Uwe: "Point North"

   Red Baron Band: "Live In Prague"   

   Red Baron Band: "Music Must Change"  

   Red Dead Roadkoll: "Sweet Songs Of Anguish"   

   Red Raven: "Chapter Two: Digithell"   

   Red Sand: "Human Trafficking"  

   Redeem: "Awake"   

   Redemption: "This Mortal Coil"  

   Redemption: "Snowfall On Judgement Day"

   Redshift: "Faultline"

   Redshift: "Oblivion"

   Redundant Rocker, The: "Heart"  

   Redundant Rocker: "Collider"

  Reeve, Tommy: "Interview"   

   Reflection: "Advertising Violence"

   Reflection Club: "Still Thick As A Brick"   

   Reija, Xavi: The Sound Of The Earth"   

   Reilly, Maggie: "Heaven Sent"   

   Reiser, Rio: "Original Album Classics"   

   Relate: "Level Up"   

   Relinquished: "Addictivities (Part 1)"   

   Remain In Silence: "... And The Soul Goes On"   

   Remember Green: "After Shock"   

   Remember Green: "Electro Shock"  

   Remington Beach Club: "My Trivial Pursuit Happiness"

   Remy & My Breath, My Music: "Sessions 2012"   

   Remy: "The Great Church Trilogy"

   Remy: "i-dentity"

   Remy: "Exhibition Of Dreams 10th Anniversary Edition"

   Remy: "EoD - Exhibition Of Dreams"

   Remy: "This Is Not The End"

   Remy: "Different Shades Of Dust"

   Remy & Synth.NL: "Primitives"   

   REO Speedwagon: "Setlist - The Very Best Of ... Live"   

   REO Speedwagon: "Original Album Classics"

   Retrospective: "iNtrovErt"  

   Retrospective: "Latent Avidity"  

   Retrospective: "Re:Search"   

   Retrospective: "Lost In Perception"  

   Reuter Motzer Grohowski: "Bleed"  

   Reuter, Markus: "Truce 2"  

   Reuter, Markus Oculus: "Nothing Is Scared"  

   Reuter, Markus: "Sun Trance"  

   Reuter, Motzer, Grohowski: "Shapeshifters"  

   Reuter, Markus: "Truce"  

  Reuter, Markus: "Sultry Kissing Lounge"   

   Reuter, Markus & Robert Rich: "Eleven Questions"

   Revivor: "The Siege"

   Revolving Door: "Milk & Honey"   

   Rewiring Genesis: "A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"

   REWO: "Earth Festivities"   

   REWO: "Alchemia"   

   Rexoria: "Imperial Dawn"  

   Rheingold: "Electric City - Düsseldorfer Schule"  

  Rhodes, David: "Rhodes"   

   Rich, Robert & Ian Boddy: "React"  

   Richet, Christian: "Life Is But A Dream"  

   Rick Ray Band, The: "Violence Marred By Peace"  

   Ricochet: "Kazakhstan"  

   Ricochets: "Closer To The Light"  

   Ridder, Roman: "The Planets"  

   Ridder, Roman: "Northern Sky"  

   Ridder, Roman: "Noise Signal"  

   Ridder, Roman: "Ether"  

   Riechmann: "Wunderbar"

   Riff, Amit: "Riffeel"

   Rigoni/Schoenherz: "Victor"

   Riis, Bjørn: "A Fleeting Glimpse"  

   Riis, Bjørn: "Everything To Everyone"  

   Ritual: "The Hemulic Voluntary Band"

   Riverside: "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves"   

   Riverside: "Anno Domini High Definition"

   Riverside: "Rapid Eye Movement"

   Riverside: "Out Of Myself"

   Roach, Steve: "Sigh Of Ages"

   Roach, Steve / Erik Wollo: "Stream Of Thought"  

   Roadstuff: "12 Time Age"

   Robertson, Brian: "Diamonds And Dirt"

   Rockefeller Junior: "Celebration Urban Alienation"   

   Roger Universe: "Earth Express"  

   Rokets: "Break Free"  

   Roland, Paul: "Bitter And Twisted"   

   Roland, Paul with Ralf Jesek: "Hexen"   

   Roland, Paul: "Bates Motes"   

   Roland, Paul & Midnight Rags: "The Werewolf Of London"   

   Rome: "Flowers From Exile"

   Romix: "Romix"

   Ronfetto, Davide: "Englightening Nights, Darkening Days"  

   Roolaart, Anton: "Dreamer"

   Roosevelt, Isaac: "Happy Day - The Album"   

   Rothe, Walter Christian: "Alice - 30th Anniversary Edition"   

   Rotzkotz: "Much Funny"  

   Roussak, Andrew: "No Trespassing"  

   RPWL: "Crime Scene"  

   RPWL: "God Has Failed - Live & Personal"  

   RPWL: "Tales From Outer Space"  

  RPWL: "plays Pink Floyd"   

   RPWL: "Wanted"   

   RPWL: "A Show Beyond Man And Time"   

   RPWL: "Beyond Man And Time"  

   RPWL: "The Gentle Art Of Music"  

   RPWL: "The RPWL Experience"  

   RPWL: "God Has Failed"

   RPWL: "Trying To Kiss The Sun"

   RPWL: "Trying To Kiss The Sun - Promo Tour"

   RPWL: "Stock"

   RPWL: "World Through My Eyes"

   RPWL: "Roses"

   RPWL: "Start The Fire - Live"

   Rua: "00:41:00"  

   Rubber Tea: "Infusion"  

   Rumble On The Beach: "Randale am Strand"   

   Rumble On The Beach: "The Early Yeras 1985-1988"   

   Rundgren, Todd: "State"   

   Runrig: "Stepping Down The Glory Road"   

   Rusch, Ben: "Architects Of Time"

   Rush: "Moving Pictures (40th Anniversary)"  

   Rushus Project: "Demo CD"  

   Ryan, Bart: "Messenger"