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   t: "Epistrophobia"   

  t: "Fragmentropy"   

   t: "Psychoanorexia"   

   T-30 Control: "Hollow Earth"

   Talea Jacta Meets Electric Moon: "Sabotar"   

   Taft, Dudley: "Simple Life"   

         Talk Talk: "4 Alben - remastered"  

   Tangent, The: "COMM"

   Tangent, The: "Down And Out In Paris And London"

   The Tangent: "Not As Good As The Book"  

   The Tangent: "Going Off On One"

   Tangerine Dream: "Stratosfear"  

   Tangram: "Layers"   

   Tanyc: "Tanyc"   

   Taras Bulba / Grobschnitt: "The Cruel White / Anywhere"   

   Taras Bulba: "The Best Of Now & Zen"  

   Taras Bulba: "Von der Wahrheit"

   Taras Bulba: "Shiva Diva"

   Taras Bulba: "Peyote Moon"

   Taras Bulba: "Sketches Of Babel"

   Taras Bulba: "Basta Cosi"

   Tarja: "The Brightest Void"   

   Tarranado: "Same"  

   Tassenschrank: "Vom Erfolg verfolgt"   

   Tastenklang: "Polyphony"   

   Tastenklang: "Inspirations"   

   TAU: "Garden Of Tiki"

   Taurus: "Opus 1 - Dimensions"

   Taurus & Pisces: "Inertia"

   Taylor's Universe with Denner: "Soundwall"

   TC: "Atlantic Treasure"   

   TCP: "The Way"

   Tears For Fears: "The Seeds Of Love"   

   Tears For Fears: "The Hurting - Deluxe Edition"   

   Telergy: "The Exodus"  

   Tempesta: "Unbounded"   

   Terminus Void: "Apeiron"  

   Terry & The Pirates: "The Doubtful Handshake"

   Teufelskreis: "Wahrheit oder Lüge"   

   TFNRSH: "Tiefenrausch"  

   Thanateros: "On Fragile Wings"   

   Thaneco & DASK: "Ships In The Sky"  

   Thaneco: "Structures On Mars"  

   Thaneco & DASK: "Oneira"   

   Thaneco & DASK: "Elemental"   

   Thau: "Elektra"   

   The Alligator Wine: "Bones And Teeth"  

   The Ancestry Program - TAP: "Of Silent Mammalia Part II"  

   The Anix: "Night Vision"  

   The Autumn Almanacs: "As Far As The Eye Can See"   

   The Birthday Massacre: "Imaginary Monsters"

   The Black Cat's Eye: The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia"   

   The Black Skeleton: "The Rear View"  

   The Boppers: "White Lightning"   

   The Chronicles Of Father Robin: "The Songs And Tales Of Airoea - Book 1"  

   The Cryptex: "Nimbus"  

   The Enigma Division: "The Enigma Division"   

   The Girl & The Robot: "The Beauty Of Decay"  

   The King: "Return To Gravelands"   

   The Lust -O- Rama: "Twenty-Six Screams"   

   The Multicoloured Shades: "2025"  

   The New Death Cult: "Super Natural"   

   The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman: "Les Variations Sonnenuhr"  

   The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman: "Lavender"   

   The Perc Meets The Incredible Lovegodz: "Live In Bamberg '95"   

   The Perc: "Electric Kindergarten Vol. 3"

   The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman & The Lavender Orchestra: "Praha"   

  The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman: "The Fruits Of Sin & Labor"   

   The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman: "Telegram From The Meantime"

   The Progressive Souls Collective: "Sonic Birth"   

   The Radio: "Live Haldern 1985 & 1986"   

   The Riven: "Peace And Conflict"   

   The Samurai Of Prog: "The Lady And The Lion"   

  The Samurai Of Prog: "The Imperial Hotel"   

   The Schwarzenbach: "Farnschiffe"   

   The Shadow Theory: "Behind The Black Veil"

   The Slags: "Babytree"   

   The Spacious Mind: "The Drifter"   

   The Sperrgut Brothers: "Searching For The Donkey"   

   The Storyteller: "Sacred Fire"   

   The Universe By Ear: "III"   

   The Universe By Ear: "The Universe By Ear II"   

   The Wide: "Smile"   

   The Wide: "Paramount"   

   The Wild Century: "Organic"   

   Theander Expression, The: "Strange Nostalgia"   

   Thelen, Stephan: "Fractal Guitar 3"    

   Thelen, Stephan: "Fractal Guitar"   

   Then Comes Silence: "II"   

   Theo: "Heart Of Soul"   

  Theocracy: "Ghost Ship"   

   Theodor Bastard: "Vetvi"   

   Thirsty Moon: "Lunar Orbit - Live At Stagges's Hotel 1976"

   Thoma, Robert Simon: "Nature Beauty"   

  Thompson, Chris: "Jukebox - The Ultimate Collection"   

   Thompson, Chris: "Toys & Dishes"   

   Three Chord Society: "Days Of Grace"  

   Three Monks: "The Legend Of The Holy Circle"   

   Threshold: "Ravages Of Time (Best Of)"

   THTX: "The Flickering Sky"

   ThunderBünny: "Psychedelic State Of Mind"   

   Thunderstone: "Dirt Metal"

   Tibet: "Tibet" (CD)   

  Tibet: "Tibet"   

   Tiles: "Fly Paper"  

   Tiles: "Window Dressing"

  Tilly, Marius: "Nebula Rising"   

   Tilly Band, Marius: "Come Together"   

   Tilt: "Million Dollar Wound"

   Timescape: "Travelling Light"  

   Time Shift Accident: "Chronosthesia"  

   Timman, Johan: "Trip Into The Body"

   Tir Nan Og: "Sing, Ye Bastards!"   

   Tischer, Frank: "Polaris"   

   TMA And Friends: "Live-Solingen Artgallery"   

   TMA And Friends: "4F Live"   

   TMA: "RAL 5002"   

   TMA: "SynthsOrganics"  

   TMA: "Sequentrips"

   TMA: "Escape"

   TM Solver: "Dividuum"   

   TM Solver: "Oxymoron"   

   TM Solver: "Svalbard"   

   TM Solver: "Delay Lines"   

   TM Solver: "Atmosphere"   

   TM Solver: "Konglomerat"   

   TM Solver: "Polymorph"   

  TM Solver: "Namaste"   

   TM Solver: "Auscultare"   

   TNNE: "Life 3.0"   

   TNNE: "Wonderland"   

  TNNE: "The Clock That Went Backwards"   

   Tocabajo, Don: "Signs"   

   Tohpati Bertiga: "Riot"   

   Tohpati Ethnomission: "Save The Planet"

   Tokyo Blade: "Thousand Men Strong"

   Tool: "10,000 Days"

   Tosh, Peter: "1978 - 1987"  

   Tosic, Sasa: "Circles Of Time"   

   Toto: "All Time Best / Reclam Musik Edition"   

   Townsend Project, Devin: "Deconstruction"

   Townsend Project, Devin: "Ghost"

   Townsend Project, Devin: "Addicted"

   Townsend Project, Devin: "Ki"

   Townsend Band, Devin: "Synchestra"

   Townshend, Pete: "Who Came First"   

   Townshend, Pete: "Anthology"

   Townshend, Pete & Ronnie Lane: "Rough Mix"  

  Toxic Smile: "Farewell"   

   Toxic Smile: "7"   

   Toxic Smile: "I'm Your Saviour"

   Tracedawn: "Lizard Dusk"  

   Transatlantic: "More Never Is Enough"

   Transatlantic: "The Whirlwind"

   Transport Aerian: "Blessed"

   trashpoptERROR: "Best Of"   

   TraumeR: "The Great Metal Storm"   

  TraumeR: "Avalon"

   Traumhaus: "In Oculis Meis"   

     Traumhaus: "Ausgeliefert" und "Die andere Seite"   

   Traumhaus: "Das Geheimnis"   

   Traumhaus: "Die andere Seite"  

   Traumklang: "Homophony"   

  Traumkraft: "Seelenwanderer"   

   Traumkraft feat. Alien Nature: "Traumzeit"  

   Traveling Wilburys, The: "Collection"   

   Treebeard: "Nostalgia"  

   Trepte, Uli: "Portrait"  

   Trial And Terror: "Phuck The Pharao"   

   Tribal: "I-Dentity"  

  Tribute: "Terra Incognita"   

  Tribute: "Live - The Melody - The Beat - The Heart"   

   Tribute: "Breaking Barriers"   

   Tribute: "New Views"  

   Trigon: "30 Jahre Traumzeit"   

   Trigon: "2011"

   Trinity: "Music For Angels"

        Triple Feature Moonjune Records

   Triple S: "Poles"  

   Tri State Corner: "Home"   

   Tri State Corner: "Historia"  

   Tronestam, Johan: "Cosmic Drama II"   

   Tronestam, Johan: "Cosmic Drama"   

   Tronestam, Johan: "Midgard"   

   Tronestam, Johan: "Luther"   

  Tronestam, Johan: "Arthur Went Above The Clouds"   

   Tronestam, Johan: "The Long Journey"   

  Tronestam, Johan: "Compunctio"   

   Trusties: "Human Wheel"

   Tuner: "Pole"

   Tuner: "Totem remastered"  

   Tuner: "Totem"

   Tunto: "Huoleton"  

   Tunto: "Ilona"   

  Tunto: "Huvi"   

   Tunto: "Lempi"  

   TURA YA MOYA: "huko na huko"   

   Turner, Nik: "Space Gypsy"   

   Tusmørke: "Hestehoven"  

   Tusmørke: "Nordisk Krim"   

   Twelfth Night: "Live And Let Live - Definitive Edition"  

   Twelfth Night: "Live At The Target - Definitive Edition"  

   Twelfth Night: "MMX Live"

   TXL: "Angst"   

   Ty Tabor: "Rock Garden"